Wednesday, June 4, 2008

What an Awesome God We Serve!!!

You know, our God is amazing! I'm looking back on the last...I don't know, 10 years. The path the Lord has led us on. The way things build on one another. The picture to the left is of Caela and Isabella with the Mizero children the first day they arrived in the States, October 15, 2007. WOW! When Caela was given the burden to serve the Sonrise Children in 2005, she couldn't wait to get to GO to Sonrise and visit the kids there! And she was given the opportunity to serve MORE Children from Rwanda and actually have them come VISIT her!...and so many others across the US and Canada! Mathilde was her favorite Rwandan friend. At a yard sale on Saturday she bought Mathilde a stuffed lion and looks forward to mailing it to her as a gift.

I wanted to share something AWESOME and AMAZING that happened yesterday! Jean Paul Samputu emailed me and shared that he had met with Bishop John Rucyahana! He shared that he told Bishop John how much I loved him and said, "He was happy.". = ) To me, to know that the two of these precious, annointed, powerful men were sitting together seeking the Lord for the reconciiliation of their country and that the Lord gave our family the privilege to work with both of them is just awesome to me! I still believe, very strongly, that the vision the Lord gave me of Bono being involved in the healing of Rwanda, still stands and as I look at these two men sitting together that vision becomes stronger to me! Can't wait to report that to all of you! = )

From Sonrise to Mizero and now the same Children for Children concept the Lord laid on our hearts is being lived out at home at Dayspring. Tonight was our DCA Fundraising Subcommittee meeting. THANK YOÜ for your prayers! The tour gave me SUCH preparation for serving DCA in this capacity. We prayed that the Lord would make this meeting productive and He did! This group of people have such a passion and commitment to DCA and together we came up with a powerful proposal to give to the Board on June 9. We are all VERY EXCITED! One of the tie ins from Sonrise and Mizero, is that as Caela served the children of Rwanda that same concept is being sought out for this school. If approved., we wil be having a serve-a-thon where all 17 classes at DCA will own a particular service project and on a day in October we will blanket the NRV serving our community! The Children serving the Children of DCA! And these children at DCA will rise up and enter the world girded and equipped to preach the gospel, love the lost, and be used in the vital vocations that serve their country and the world! Missionaries all of them! And I predict my little Caela will be heading to Rwanda! = )

In my next post I will share with you the folk tale Caela wrote for her 4th grade class. It is an African folk tale she made up about a boy named Juna. It is how Crying began!

I'm just going to bed tonight in AWE of our AWESOME and AMAZING God...JESUS! And so grateful for the privilege to serve Him and His people in the ways that bring a spark to my very existence!

peace be with all of you, this night! Thank you for your prayers!

" ...with the sweetest affection." (1 Peter 1:22),
Bill, Cheryl, Caela, Isabella, Daniel, Gracie, and Liliana

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