Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Have You Ever Had One of Those Days?

"My, My, little Liliana...why are your crying so hard?"

"Oh, my poor precious little HUGE that "boo boo" is!
I can't imagine how PAINFUL that must be for you. = )"

Do you ever wake up and have your lovely quiet refreshment with the Lord
replaced by CHAOS and WHINING and SPILLED MILK all over your lovely freshly
laundered tablecloth?

Oh, but then 30 minutes later SPILLED MILK all over your
antique table that allows it to flow all over YOUR lap
and down into the cushions of your antique
apolstered chair?

Then your precious little one finds the peanut butter on your counter
about to be placed on the table to eat and she GRABS a fist full of
the brown gooey mess and proceeds to run FAST out of your
kitchen to the living room! YIKES!

On top of all the MISHAPS your 11 year old daughter has a Science Fair Project
due by Friday and has waited until the last minute to finalize it...
not only that, she is CONFUSED about it! YIKES!

So on top of the constant interruptions of children you try to find FOCUSED
time to assist her with her last minute preparations.
Little 2 year old comes in and proceeds to
grab the finished charts about to be
glued to the display board!!! = )

Don't you LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! = )

As I wind down today I sit remembering
the events of this day. Saddened that I allowed myself to SCREAM
at my 10 year old, Isabella, when she asked if we were
having Tea at 8:30 (a new thing for us so I can
spend focused time with my older girls
without the craziness of the little ones.)

I had to say "no", because of the project, but I was SO overwhelmed my "no" turned to

When my little Gracie, asked me to get her some milk, after spills and peanut butter
incident, I snapped at her! To see the fallen look on her face. = (

It's been a tough week with the project due. I have spent the last few mornings
asking the Lord to give me a window of opportunity to breath before I might
snap and lift my voice to my children. Today, I didn't make it the WHOLE day,
but I did have several moments where I was able to
take a deep breath and "put on Christ". = )

When we're in the midst of the actual craziness of mothering sometimes we think we
won't make it through the day. But in the cool of the evening when we walk
through the quiet of the house, opening doors to the rooms of sweet sleeping
little precious flowers, we say...

"I'd do it all again tomorrow! Thank you, Jesus, for the GIFTS of children, every age
every issue, every struggle, every tear...they will rise up and call her Blessed"

Not because she was perfect and did everything right, but because she LOVED! And she
"rises early to make breakfast for her family" ...she seeks her heavenly Father
to lead and guide and strengthen that she might LOVE with the
everlasting love of her King Jesus.

Go Kiss your little ones tonight. And praise God for all the spilled milk, all the peanut butter messes, and all the crying over little mundane things.
Praise Him from whom all BLESSINGS flow!


Prudence said...

Thank you for your kind words and prayer. I so appreciate it. I look forward to meeting many more women like you! It's amazing the kindess of a stranger..

Cheryl said...

Prudence, you are SO WELCOME! I was so truly touched by both posts I read on your blog. Your candidness and transparency ...humble heart before the Lord, really blessed my heart! I look forward to sharing life in blogland with you!

Peace of the Lord, my friend,

Anonymous said...

Hope you had a better day today. I'm a yeller, so I feel your pain in that area.One tip from the Duggars's book was that Michelle would LOWER her voice to almost a whisper, instead of yelling.I suppose it would become habit, and work after a while:).
I too walk around after the day is done, thankful, glad to get up and do it again the next day.
- Kathi

Cheryl said...

Much better day today, Kathi, thank you! = )

When I used to be SO STRESSED out, last year, going through my Burnout, instead of yelling I would put on a southern accent. = ) REALLY freaked the kids out!

But I do like the lowering your voice, I will DEFINITELY have to try that.

Have a GREAT night, Kathi!

Two Shades of Pink said...

Sigh. Double sigh. Triple sigh. Yet these blessings truly are precious. But how easy it is for me to forget in the moment. You my dear, blessed me beyond anything with your kind words on my blog. Thank you so much for letting me be real. So often, I feel like someone wants to fix it rather than just understand. And how different is my day when one verse feeds my soul? You are so right. Thanks for YOUR candor too!

Cheryl said...


It was MY PLEASURE to share those words with you! Sometimes the enemy wants to get us thinking we are failures as we continue to struggle with impatience and apathy, like you are dealing with now...and we've ALL been there! But He is the Father of Lies and it's knowing God's Grace is just SO DARN SUFFICIENT!!! = )

May the Balm of Peace be upon your heart today...and may it penetrate through your apathy to FULL abundant life again in your Mommying!

Peace of the Lord, my friend!