Saturday, January 23, 2010

"How Good and Pleasant it is When Brethren Dwell Together in Unity"

One of my blog friends, Tara, from Too Many Kids in the Bathtub, answered a question from one of the comments on one of her posts about friendship. It was so interesting how all of the comments given on that post were long...much to share on this topic.

I wanted to introduce you to my dearest Sister in Christ, Bethany Huthwaite.

Bethany and I have been friends for almost 23 years. We came together because of the deep friendship of our husbands. We met, actually, when Dwight, her husband, was courting her during college in Blacksburg, VA.

For the first 10 years of our friendship we had a love/hate thing going on. God used us to "expose" to the light all the dross that hindered us from being fully surrendered to him. In the second 13 years He has blossomed in us such a powerful and precious relationship that it is truly closer than a blood sister...I really can't comment on that because I have only one brother, but I can't imagine being closer to anyone besides my BEST FRIEND, husband.

The wonderful thing about a truly safe and fruitful friendship with a woman is that you can share the struggles, cry together, pray together, and speak the hard words to one another knowing that she has your best interest at heart and wants you to be all you were called to be. This is rare, because we don't like to hear the negative things about us. But the Lord says, "A rebuke is a kindness". So true, but only given by a truly trusted friend.

Thank you for visiting. To know Bethany is to know me. = )

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