Monday, February 15, 2010

Digging Out...

Well, it's been 10 days of being home with the kiddos. 
It's been GREAT hanging out with my gang, but little to nothing 
got done at home. Hybernation set in for Mommy...
Here's a pic of Liliana and Mommy "Napping" Something Mommy did 
ALOT the last 10 days! 

So, Sunday, the little ones and I stayed back from church. I read a post by a new blog friend who shared about "worshipping at home" amidst the pbj sandwiches and laundry 
spilling on the floor. SO! With such inspiration I "GOT TO IT!" 

Started with "The Laundry"...still have 6 loads to go, but doesn't it feel GREAT to 
get those baskets sorted and put away! 

Second, we tackled Daniel and Gracie's room. One day Daniel will get the "privilege" of having his own of the only perks of being the only boy with 4 sisters! But until then he gets to be big brother to his little Gracie. Here is Gracie showing off her bed! Before the "Big Clean" Daniel and Gracie had managed to have their WHOLE underside of their beds chock full of STUFF!! I had to use a large wooden spoon to dig it all out! 

A few months back we had gone through their room and made drawers for every type of toy they owned. Here we have Leapster drawer, Little Pony Drawer, and Polly Pocket drawer. Next step is to put photo signs on the front of each drawer to make it easier to put away...and colorful! 
Next, we have Gracie showing us her $12 Once Upon a Child vanity! She is becoming quite the decorator!
Then we made a new addition...she now has a little "Spot" in her closet to "hide away" and color, read, etc. Fun, huh, Gracie?! = ) 
Lastly, Gracie shares with us how excited she is about her new CLEAN room! 
Next, we tackled the playroom. How 5 kids can pull MOST every book, toy, and craft item down to the floor I will NEVER KNOW! But I spent a good 1 1/2 hours on this bookshelf ALONE! 
Then we organized Gracie's desk. The other children's desks were in ok condition. 

A good vaccum, all over the upstairs and straightened the family room...and WOALA! Back to normal. 

Now, I have to tackle the downstairs! 

Now, just some odds and ends...
Here is Isabella in her NEW COAT! Her dear Aunt offered to get her a coat for the cold months and allowed her to PICK IT OUT HERSELF! Here she stands in her "Dope Clothing" pink peacoat we purchased on eCRATER a week ago! Doesn't she look just DARLING! 
In conclusion, the wonderful thing we have as servants to the King is that when we fall He is there to pick us up again! These last 10 days have been GREAT hanging out with the kiddos, but it has gotten me behind in every other area of my life...
my cleaning, eating, exercise, even Quiet Time! 

But, I have told myself that this has been a gift of my Lord, these 10 days with my kiddos and that His Truth will ALWAYS set me free..."His mercies are new EVERY morning!" 
So, as Ash Wednesday approaches I can recommit my life schedule to Jesus and begin again! And to give it unto Him! 

Well, off to read with my eldest, Caela, as they yet again, have a SNOW DAY!


Grace said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I'm so blessed that it "inspired" you to worship while you work :) but I must say, seeing your room makeover've inspired ME!

I saw your post on Lynnette's blog (before I posted) and think that your story sounds AMAZING!

And I absolutely love your blog! It's very real and, I think I could learn *alot* from you!


Tiara said...

Wow, girl, you have been busy. But I bet you feel amazing!

Thanks for the comments on my pictures, and yes, that was Rainforest Cafe'. We took a big family vacation in 2007 to Los Angeles and Arizona. These were highlights from then.


Cheryl said...

Hi Ladies,

It is SO wonderful to hear from you!

Grace, I'M SO GLAD!!! I'm curious about the post you saw on Lynette's blog...what did I say? = )And THANK YOU for your sweet sweet words!!! I hope that we can all be a true and refreshing blessing to eachother as we walk out this life of Motherhood!

Tara, I DO feel AMAZING!! And today I finished organizing the playroom and dealt with the downstairs! FEELS GREAT!

Peace of the Lord to both of you!
See you again soon, I hope!~

Manuela@TPOH said...

What a sweet photo of you napping with Liliana! The girls are so cute. I just love Isabella's new PINK coat!

I'm sure it feels great to get so much done and everything looks so organized.


Cheryl said...

Hey There, my friend!

Manuela, what fun to hear from you! Yes, don't you just LOVE Isabella's new coat! She is "stylin'"! = )

By the way...I would love for you to share how you get your forced bulbs started? I have my tureen all ready but don't have a clue how to start it! = )

Have a great night!

Anonymous said...

Having all the laundry PUT AWAY is my favorite :)

Cheryl said...