Monday, February 22, 2010

What to do? What to do?....Harry Potter?

I'm writing today because I am in a dilemma. 
All of us have heard of Harry Potter, so I know you are all aware of this book and movie series. I have always been against my children and myself reading these books. For the, thought to be, obvious reason, that they are completely focused on the land of witches and warlocks and a small group of 11 year olds actually attending a school to train themselves in the arts of witchcraft and sorcery. 
My husband, Bill, LOVES fantasy and epic tales. He is a collector of books, CDS, and DVDs. He has all the Harry Potter books and movies and keeps them in pristine condition. Obviously, our views are different on the subject of Harry Potter. 

Several months ago, during Family Night (Friday), our older girls, Caela and Isabella, were not interested in Gracie's pick that week, being it was her week, little 4 year old that she is. So Bill asked me if it would be ok if the girls and he watched Harry Potter #1. I was not in a mood that night to contend, so I said, "Go ahead". 
Well, over the last several months, Caela has become an avid reader and follower of Harry Potter. LOVES the books, the movies, website, etc. Bill and I have both sat down with her and communicated that there are real witches in the world and that this stuff is not just a fairy tale. That Jesus commands us, as His followers, to steer clear of this realm. 

She does understand this, but I am struggling with the fact that when she is not at school or engaged in the regular events of life her mind is stayed on Harry Potter. 
I am in conflict with this. I have friends on both sides of the fence...some are adamant, like me, to not read them, other friends LOVE the books and think their message is GREAT for kids! All these friends are strong followers of Christ. 

For Caela I would love to just say, "GREAT! Enjoy!" ...I've even read the first book and am in the middle of the second. Yes, they are great stories, but I just can't get past the subject matter. 
I would love to hear your thoughts? Has anyone gone down this road yet with your children? Many of you homeschool so I know you probably have not had this cross your path. I would very much like to hear your thoughts. I have not been released yet to fully embrace this Harry Potter season of Caela's life and I would like to be settled either way. Bill is ready to do whatever is needed for Caela's best. 

Thank you! And feel free to email me if you cannot comment on this post. 
Peace of the Lord!


Anonymous said...

I will try and email you once the kids go to bed.

Dimpled Dempseys... said...

Yes, there are MANY opinions on this subject, just like there were many opinions years ago about Disney movies regarding the same issue. There are also some who believe that the author has ulterior motives/beliefs....just as they believed Disney did. All of this also rings true with the Lord of the Rings series as well.

While I was in Seminary, all of these Harry Potter books started coming out and there were definitely people on both sides of the fence. I was very good friends with a professor who was interviewed by several well-known papers on this subject and he was in complete support of the books (Keep in mind that I went to a very conservative Seminary). The overall message of the books are good vs. evil. I have read several of the books and watched all of the movies (I think) and would not hesitate for a moment to let my girls read/watch them.

There's such a strong "make believe" element to the books/movies that really takes the focus off of "magic" being real, so to speak...but not in a deceptive way. They're not going to be thinking about going home and turning people into toads. The compelling part of the books are the relationships that develop....kind of like when I read the "Left Behind" series. I didn't read them because I believed in the theology. I read them because I was attached to the characters.

That being said, you and Bill know those five precious angels better than anyone else. My advice would be for you to read the books, too! That would give you a little peace of mind and, if she has questions, you'll know what she's talking about. Actually, Bill could probably help you out in that area since he's already read them.

I'm sure I could dredge up some of those articles from my professor if you're interested.

Cheryl said...

Thanks, my friends!

Looking forward to your thoughts, Kathi, and Ginger I would LOVE to hear about your professors thoughts!

Ginger, we were thinking about you today and hungering for a visit...can you squeeze one in this week? Warm days! = )


You have to trust your instincts mama. If you are uneasy, there is a reason. These things are fine for some children, in my opinion, and not for others. Some children's bents are just too open to the evil of the spirit realm. Some find it very easy to separate. With more than one child in the home, you have to make rules that protect the weakest/youngest. You know what God wants in your heart. I think your husband's guidance in this regard is key as well. If he is peaceful about it, perhaps that is something that needs to lead your heart to peace as well...

Camille said...

"...whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any praise, think on these things." Philippians 4:8

God's Word is wonderful and addresses all life's dilemmas ~ this verse is a good barometer to assess all these things by. May the Lord give you wisdom and peace as you seek Him together on this. I would agree with "Dimpled Dempseys" comment that maybe you should read them to know what it is she is reading/filling her mind with.


Cheryl said...

Tara and Camille,

THANK YOU for your "wise woman" thoughts on this subject. heart resonated with your thoughts on Bill's response. I shared that with him and I have been reading the books and find that Caela is a strong believing girl...full of righteousness. I believe there are more opportunities to connect with my girl and speak into her life TRUTH than to move her away from the books.

I am severely blesssed by all the insight from you all and my Facebook friends on this subject it has opened my heart to see more of what God might use it FOR than to keep away from it.

Thanks, my lovely blog lady friends!