Thursday, June 24, 2010

Vacation with Bill's Parents!

Last week we got the chance to visit Bill's parents in St. Mary's County, MD.
Sadly, we hadn't seen them in over a YEAR! 

We wanted to share some of our time with you there in pictures. 

 We spent the first day with Bill's Dad and Stepmom. They have a LOVELY boat and we got to go for a little ride! 

Pa let the kids drive! 

Some of us were just along for the ride. 

Some of us pretended we were REAL boat captains!

Liliana just LOVES hangin' with her BIG BROTHER...can you tell? = ) 
Then there was JUST too much LOVIN' to go around! 

 But I don't think the kiddos really minded! 

Nothing like being with PA!
I REALLY tried to get a pic of Meme..but to no avail! But she is one BEAUTIFUL LADY inside and out! Maybe next time! = )

The next day we spent at Point Look Out with Bill's Mom and Stepdad.


Liliana had a BLAST!!! 

As did the other kiddos!

They just jumped in with the other kids in the water. 
And it was like being at the OCEAN! 

But the water wings didn't last long. = )

Isabella and Caela took over the noodles 
and spent most of the time IN the deeper water while the little ones hung out at the waves.

Daniel and Gracie are 

They kept each other company. 

Bill's Mom and Stepdad, Grammy and Poppy, ended up having to leave our time together there because the wind was ATROCIOUS!!! 

But while they were there the kids had a GREAT TIME hangin' with them! 

We went back to their house and just enjoyed some worship, hair brushin' and playing with Poppy's cars! 

We spent our last day on Pa's Golf Cart and playing with Maggie, their black lab. Then lunch with Grammy and Poppy. 


Thank you for blessing us with your time and love...and we can't wait to see you again...

SOONER this time!! 

MUCH LOVE from all your Grandbabies!!! Liliana's ready to RUN on back to MD!!! = )


Crystal Roberts said...

Looks like everyone had a great time! The pictures are great! I grew up in Maryland and have been out on the Chesapeak Bay.

Cheryl said...

Hey Crystal!

BEAUTIFUL place, MD! It's amazing how your phone camera can catch some great shots!

I have to say...I LOVE your profile pic! GORGEOUS!!! = )

Peace and Love, my friend!

Dwight said...

It was a very touching thing to see Bill's Dad in this post. It has been a very long time ... it brought back a lot of feelings and memories ...

Cheryl said...

I'm sure you're experiencing A LOT of memories and feelings lately with your Mom with you all. I told Bill's Dad Sally was with you. He was concerned having had the first Christmas with no card from Sally last year. =)