Saturday, August 28, 2010

Call to New Bern...Part 2

It's been 2 months since my last post. 

"Where have you been?!" ask. 

When the Lord leads your life, you cannot expect to know HOW He will do it. He calls us to be VAPORS, to be LIKE THE WIND, to go as THE SPIRIT leads. That, my friend, is not easy for us flesh, grounded, human beings He created, is it? = ) 
After our return from New Bern we had BIG decisions to make. 

The biggest one was, "How do we get started in this Call and be able to be financially supported while our house is settled here in Christiansburg?" 
 (The morning of July 5, when Bill moved to New Bern, NC ahead of us.)

Answer: Bill moves to New Bern...ALONE...and the children and I remain in Christiansburg until the Lord brings a buyer.

So, the last two months have been spent cleaning, fixing, packing, etc. 

The Lord has been providing A LOT of help! We started off with a week's visit from my Best Friend, Bethany, and her two girls, Claire and Maggie. Lots of initial packing and cleaning! And trips to Wal - Mart! 

Below is a pic of Bethany's grocery list for one of my solo trips!
Thank you, Jesus, for DEAR friends! 

Our River Church Youth Group came over a few evenings and helped pack, do yard work, and clean. 

What a GREAT GROUP of young people!

We are SO GRATEFUL for their hard work and kindness in helping us in this difficult time.

The guys did most of the yard work. JL, Ross, Brian, and Andrew all took part in getting a tree down and JL and Ross hit the shrubbery!

Todd and Jennifer did a little weeding.

We also had my parents, my Aunt, Mr. Scott Hayes, my dear friend, Robin, and 
Mr. Powell come and help. 
The kids LOVED working with Mr. Powell!

Mr. Powell allowed them to learn some new things. Working with cement, hammering, and putting in screws. We all learned something from our new friend, Mr. Powell.

We also got to see a lot more of Grandaddy who is a manager at Home Depot. Liliana got into the work load, and she can attest, for all of us, how tired we were and have been since Daddy left for New Bern. = )

At the end of July we got to enjoy a week at Sapphire Valley, NC with Gramma. 

The kids enjoyed swimming, playing cards, putt putt golf, and puzzles with Gramma.

 Mommy, spent the week in and out of the hospital having been diagnosed with Shingles that ended up developing Bells Palsy (paralysis of the right side of the face). 

 The Lord has been so kind in using this affliction to lead me down the road to eating well, trusting Him more, and releasing me from any and all vanity.

I'm still dealing with the pain of the Shingles...Codene has been my friend. But after 5 of two days ago... I have seen several areas of my face beginning to eyebrow, the corner of my lip, my cheek...waiting for my smile to return and my eye to finally blink. = ) 

We have finally listed our house with a Realtor and will be putting in on public market September 3. There is still much to do to final the house to go on the market. I confess, this last week I have had no motivation, even with Bill being home this week. I am trusting that the Lord will strengthen me and get me moving. = ) 

We are looking forward to going to New Bern for a visit Labor Day weekend! 
And look forward to being with those precious people the Lord has led us to serve. 

 (above is Evelyn and Adella)

I'd like to introduce you to some of the LOVELY people we are blessed to serve with at Healing Grace Church. To the right are Doug and Margaret Brewbaker who we had the privilege of staying with on our first visit, and to the right are Jackie and Jenny, Jackie has helped us in looking for a home in New Bern and Jenny has allowed Bill to stay in her upstairs apartment while we wait on God's timing for us to ALL be in New Bern! 

To conclude this post we have determined that I will be Home Schooling the kiddos this next year. Yep! I knew the Lord had something down the road as I have connected with so many Home School moms in Blog Land over this past year! 

And here are some of the kids we hope to be Home Schooling along side of in New Bern.

 Our first visit we connected with a family with four girls...all Home Schooled. This is the pier near their home. 

We will continue to work together to we final the house, take care of each other... 

(Daniel brushing Liliana's teeth)

prepare for our Home Schooling year to start in October and continue to trust the Lord to provide for our needs, both physically and financially. 

It is SUCH A GIFT to be back in Blog Land again! 

We hope you will join us weekly as we send updates of Bill's ministry in New Bern, alone, now. And then as the children and I get closer to LIVING with him as the Lord leads. 

Jesus said, "I have come that you might have LIFE and have it ABUNDANTLY". 

Our prayer is that we would seek Him for LIFE and for STRENGTH and for continued FAITH along this journey. Even in our weak and trying moments, in our fears, in our EXCITEMENT of being fully used as His servants in our new home...


Much love...Bill, Cheryl, Caela, Isabella, Daniel, Gracie and Liliana


Prudence said...

Nice to see you back! I've missed reading your blog! You sure have alot going on. Hang in there!

Crystal Roberts said...

Very good to hear from you! I really hope you are completely well very soon! So sorry you have suffered amidst everything going on in your life! We are trying to sell our home as well, we have already made our move and are settling in to our new home.

Cheryl said...

Hi Prudence~

It's been crazy over here, I know. I hope to come visit you on your blog soon. Isabella wanted to say a HEARTY THANK YOU for sending the was GORGEOUS! We are hoping to get her a FB page for her earring business and my first daughter, Caela, is starting to loom scarves and blankets to sell, too. Look for those, my friend!

Much love,

Cheryl said...

Hi Crystal ~

So good to hear from you! So, how are you moved in and haven't sold your house? Are you able to pay two monthly payments? Would love to know. = ) Hope to visit your blog soon!

Much love,

Dwight said...

I don't think I've seen Bill looking this happy in a very long time.


Cheryl said...

Dwight ~

I hope you boys get to chat sometime soon. Bill is BLOOMING down there in the South! And Mark is AMAZING! They are two peas in a pod and Jesus is blessing their relationship and bringing things out of Bill that he never knew were there in ministry!

The beautiful thing is he IS happier than he has been in years AND he is CONFIDENT in God's Call to New Bern and resting in the place He has prepared for him.

SO FUN to have you visit on our blog, my friend! So...when are you going to do a new post...WE ARE ALL WAITING for your next entry!!! = )