Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Lovely Day

Well. I said I'd post pics, right? = )

Today we had our ART time! 
Gracie started painting this picture of a FLOWER, 
but it turned out looking like the most BEAUTIFUL HEART! 

It reminded me of MY 5 flowers and how they truly are 
a picture of Jesus' Heart to Bill and I.

Liliana LOVED painting with lots of
mixed colors...a lovely shade of BROWN! 
Gracie enjoyed painting pinecones from
the front yard. I now have them
displayed on my mantel. 

Liliana wanted to be the Green Goblin so she 
decided to hide under the
kitchen table and draw 
all over her face! 

She enjoyed sharing her creation with me! 

It's so hard, sometimes, to scold when they
look SO CUTE! 

Friday, last week, Isabella and Caela went to their 
Science Class that they absolutely LOVE! 

Isabella got home and did some of her own ART!

She drew all the cells she had learned about. 


Friday night we had some family time...
"Don't you have FAMILY time ALL the time?" you ask. = ) 

Well, it was "FUN DO WHATEVER"
Family Time. 

Isabella continued her Science..which she could do ALL the TIME! 

Caela and Isabella played some checkers, 
Liliana just PLAYED with all the game 
peices...UGH! = ) 

And Daniel was the little observer. 

Also, on Friday, Daisy and Isabella were 
ready to take on the TOWN! 

Sorry, Isabella, but Daisy can't go to 
Walmart and that's where we 
need to go today seeing as it's FRIDAY!

We decided to go by 
the shoe store in town on Middle Street 
where the Mommy Corgi JUST HAD 8 PUPPIES!!!


Isabella's FIRST love 
for a puppy is a Corgi, but, OF COURSE, Corgis

So for Isabella to get to enjoy CORGI PUPPIES!!! Just down the street!! NO WAY!!! 

Liliana is just a BUNDLE 
of LOVE! 

Our Little Flower! 

Friday she decided to go somewhere with her puppy dog. 

And, as some of you may know, Uncle Brian is living with us for 
how ever long Jesus wants him to. 

And the kids are LOVING having him around!! 

Big Hugs for Uncle Brian!

Wondering what the racing is all about? 

Well. My little kiddos aren't as Bloggy and Facebooky as Mommy is. = ) 

Isabella gets them all focused on NOT getting their pictures taken!

But then again...there's my little Daniel! 

He's always a blessing to his Mommy for her shudder finger. = ) 

I just want to say, "Thank you, Jesus, for pressing me through this last week of 
'shift'. Thank you, Jesus, for the Body of Christ, to walk with us 
as we head to our 'Point of Intercession' (as Rees Howells used to put it). Thank you for your PEACE...thank you for your PERSISTANCE...
thank you for your HEART for me and for our kiddlings. 

I love you."


Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

Looks like you've got some artists there! What a fun day.
Sorry I haven't been by in awhile.

Cheryl said...

Hi Marcia!

So good to see you!...well, on the BLOG that is! = )

Much love ~