Monday, April 11, 2011

a thankful mother...

I sit in the peace of the Living God tonight...
only wishing that everyone on this earth could know that
"peace that passes understanding" 
and rest solely in it. 
Tonight, I am joining the blog party at 

I love this blog so much I just can't tell you! 

Each post leads me to the pools of 
His refreshment 
and I am daily taken to a deeper 
place of surrender to my King because of the 
transparency and beauty that rolls off the page as I 
take in Ann's every word.

I am thankful this week for so many profound and life changing 
things and I dance in JOY at His kindness, His power, His 
AWE - someness! 

1. a spontaneous hug from a 13 year old girl who says, "Mommy, thank you for this conversation it impacted me to do the right thing." 

2. a spontaneous lean in from a 9 year old boy who closes his eyes and smiles as his head touches my side. 

3. a jump! jump! jump! from a 3 year old who is FEARLESS on the trampoline!

4. tender lips that touch mine as my man - musician walks past me in the kitchen

5. the "I love you." from a 11 year old girl who rarely shares so easily

6. the "Mommy, read! Mommy, read!" from a 6 year old girl who is growing up way too fast!

7. WIND! Wind...water lapping...candle flickering the dusk my sister prays with me...a liquid conduit of the Spirit of God penetrating this dust

8. the words "Love you!" on my notepad in the kitchen from a 26 year old who is God's angel - man to this tribe for this season

9. a pastor who speaks truth from the pulpit and into our lives...seeing his hunger to not let us ever remain in any state but that of full victory in JESUS...a true representative of the Good Shepherd to his flock

10. hearing the voice of God for a dear brother knowing that HE has called me to speak life and be used to be His voice ...poured out wine

Ann is a beautiful woman...a pearl among pearls...and I am thankful that Jesus is pouring her out so that He can make us pour out as well. 

Thanks, Ann!

We love you!


Hope said...

Hi Cheryl! My name is Hope, and I'm a homeschooled 5th grader. I love your blog! Very pretty. I'm definitely following! Hope to hear from you soon!

Megan said...

I'm all about #6--just read to my little ones and tucked them in for naps, praying they won't grow in their sleep! Thanks for sharing!