Monday, October 10, 2011

I Received a BLOG AWARD!

Well, I was just given the Versatile Blogger Award by Miss Taunya at  

It always feels so nice to be given recognition for sharing your life and ministry with others! 
the deal with the award is that the person who receives it has to perform two tasks:

Share 7 things about themselves


Nominate 15 new blogs for the award.

Well, here goes: 

1.  I have a PASSION for Jesus! I guess, when you start to read my blog, you'll come to realize that. =) I came to know Jesus as the "Lover of my Soul" when I was 14 at a youth retreat. When I was 19 my future husband took me by the hand and showed me the depths of that relationship and by the time I was 25 there was no turning back! 

2. My husband and I were married 23 years ago this past Saturday, October 8th. After 10 years of waiting Jesus blessed us with our 13 year old, Caela, and gave us 4 MORE after that! Life as a Mom has been AMAZING!!! And to watch my precious quiver full grow, love, connect, enjoy life, and discover who they are in Christ are the best things! I LOVE MY KIDS!!! 

3. We are church planters. We've been involved in church planting for over 15 years. We currently live in New Bern, NC and minister at an AMiA church called Healing Grace Church. My husband is the worship leader/assistant team leader and the children and I just live out "Relational Missional Life" with everyone we come in contact with. It is a JOY every day to encourage, pray for, and LOVE people!!! The greatest gift you can give to anyone is the Word of God and the Power of His Love and Spirit. "An aroma of Christ in every place." May we always be that. =)

4. I have been homeschooling off and on for 11 years. This year my two oldest girls started in public school for the first time. It's been a blessing to see how CONFIDENT, LOVING, HARD WORKING, and CONNECTING they are in this new environment!!! I am SUCH a proud mama and so GRATEFUL to Jesus for all He has poured into them!

5. Ok. 3 more things. Hmmm...we realized over the summer that we LOVE Karaoke!!! =) We had a Karaoke night at The Emerald Golf Club, in our neighborhood and the kids ATE IT UP!!! It was SO MUCH FUN!! I HIGHLY recommend it to ANYONE at ANY age! We had little 3 year old, Liliana, up to some retired folks who live in our neighborhood! For me, seeing the generations come together is HUGE! Because we can all bless one another in so many ways and to share a night of just plain FUN is AWESOME!!

6. Ok, here's a goodie. I've always wanted to be the stereotypical Home Schooling Mom, who bakes bread, sews, knits, etc. But I have come to realize I just ain't that. = ) I really struggle with cooking! There, my transparent moment! =) I would love to be a good cook that my husband could dote on and be blessed by...I did not get my Nani's INCREDIBLE talent! But, it's good to be able to accept those things about ourselves and press into those things that we ARE! =) 

7. And what are those things I am, you ask? =) I am a networker. Plain and simple. I LOVE people! I LOVE loving people! I love connecting, encouraging and loving people. This summer Jesus gave me something incredible. My husband, Bill, and I were involved in youth ministry like 12 years ago. I vowed I would never do that again! Not my forte. This Summer, Jesus just melted my heart with the kids we came to hang with at the neighborhood pool. The home school kids my kids connected with. All different ages from 2 - 18...just LOVE these kids so much!!! And hunger to see them all just flourish in the experience of Life in Christ! I LOVE conversations with 16 year olds about who Jesus is, I love HUGGING and loving on little ones, I LOVE encouraging the hearts of my pre teens and teenager in the ways of God and helping them to discover what they were created for by the God who took such pains to make them UNIQUE and PRECIOUS for His purposes in this world until they go "Home". 

Well, there you have it. Some 7 things about me! 

Now for 15 new blog sites...YIKES!!! Honestly, I haven't been blogging for awhile so I don't have that many, but I'll take a shot at it:

So, there you have it! These blogs are varied from Home School Moms, to church planting, to evangelism, and motherhood. Enjoy checking them out and, please, visit them on your travels on the web! 
It was a BLESSING to share with you this evening! It's always a JOY to remember who you are and WHOSE you are and be able to encourage others on the same journey! 
Peace of the Lord...


thebeloved said...

Hi Cheryl,
Thanks for the nomination. I'm still working on my post, but wanted to drop by and "meet" you. Thanks for giving me my first nomination EVER... =)

All is grace,

Cheryl said...

You are SO WELCOME!!! Loved your blog! Let's keep in touch, ok?

Much love ~

Simply Taunya said...

Cheryl, awesome! I'm happy to have "met" you. Look forward to following you.