Friday, June 20, 2008

The Land of a Thousand Hills!

Dear Friends and Family,

JUST LOOK AT THESE PRECIOUS KIDS!!!! = ) This is a picture of Caela dancing with the MIZERO kids at a team member's SMALL apartment the day they arrived in DC to launch the MIZERO Tour. They all got up and just started WORSHIPPING like there was NO TOMORROW! = ) It was SUCH a blast to be with them!

Well, Jean Paul is back in Montreal having spent about 1 month in Rwanda. He shared with me today all the wonderful things the Lord was doing during his visit to his native country. He had many speaking engagements with World Vision across Rwanda. He was asked to go into the churches and speak about Forgiveness because some of the pastors are not preaching this desperately needed message. He went into the schools and shared the message of forgiveness with the children.

Here is an excerpt from Jean Michel Habineza, son of the Minister of Culture..."There have been cases of divisive thinking in high schools in Rwanda and some going to the extent of threating the hutus crew or even the tutsis crew to kill them, so like jean paul always says forgiveness is the only weapon against violence and revenge. we did three sessions with jean paul and believe me it was wonderful. Rwandese by nature are very reserved and quiet but the kids were asking lots of honest questions like " why forgive? " can u forgive a person who didnt ask for forgiveness" etc.. forgiveness is something that many people ignore and refuse to talk about but we did it our aim and we will bring a change in hte lives of these people..The children were asking many questions like, "How do we forgive?" and "Can you forgive someone who hasn't asked you for forgiveness?" Isn't this just AMAZING!!! = ) And to think the Lord had me focusing so much on the issue of forgiveness this past week and then to wrap my week up with this testimony from Jean Paul!

In addition he shared that the Lord is leading him to speak to people 45 years and younger. He shared that the 25 MIZERO children in Kigali have been connected with an organization who can meet their tangible needs while MIZERO stabilizes. He connected with an organization called Garden of Forgiveness. And next February an organized group he is helping to put together is having a conference started February 10 in Rwanda called the Garden of Forgiveness where people will come to speak and train, etc for the 15th annual remembrance of the genocide. Many people are being invited to come. He told me I have a ticket to be one of the six from MIZERO US/Canada. = ) He asked me to pray about coming and that he sees me in MIZERO. He told me he has had dreams of me walking with him down the streets of Rwanda. It is always a great gift to talk and pray with my dear friend, Jean Paul! He has been given an annointing ...great courage to speak the truth of God's word and the message of forgiveness to a people who cannot do this without the power of the Holy Spirit.

I would ask for your prayers. I was praying this week regarding finding an avenue to make money to bring into the home. I asked the Lord, "You have given me a passion and a heart for Rwanda through Caela's burden. Is there any way that I could be able to serve MIZERO and Bishop John and be compensated so that I can use my gifts to serve this nation instead of using them to sell makeup or fundraising products?" I thought perhaps the Lord might provide a benefactor, or a homebased business that could be used to compliment the serving of these ministries. I don't know the answer yet, but I do know that the Lord will reveal His path to me. I am trying to be before Him to listen. I keep thinking about the beach! And a time to sit for HOURS watching my little ones play on the beach and use that time to wait upon the Lord, and to listen to His word for us at this time.

I encourage you to look at the McCarthy Prayer Corner and see the answers to prayers and the additions. THANK YOU for your prayers for us! No matter how small a breath you lift for us and our family and the Lord's work in our lives! I ask you to pray for Bill and his day job with his new contract being renewed but our need for benefits and his ministry at The River. That the Lord would lead him to and strengthen and provide opportunities to serve in the great annointing he has to lead worship. It is always a gift to hear how his ministry of music is leading others to draw unto the throne of God! Please press in for him at this time, and that he would hear the Lord speak and he would be obedient to whatever the Lord has for him.

Pray also for the candidates being considered at this time for The River. We have some that would be AWESOME if the Lord leads them to us!!! OH MY!! = )

I received an email today, as well, from the children's magazine, POCKETS. It is an affiliate of Our Daily Bread, etc. They want to use an article that was written about Caela with her work with Sonrise. They asked for an update and I shared about MIZERO and she and her family supporting them this past year. The article should come out next Summer. What a gift!

Lastly, pray about Dayspring Christian Academy's fundraising plan for the Fall.VERY EXCITING! We are looking for parents or community members who can volunteer in helping with this plan. Pray that the Lord would prompt them to serve.

We love you all dearly!

"...with the sweetest affection" (1 Peter 1:22),
Bill, Cheryl, Caela, Isabella, Daniel, Gracie, and Liliana

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