Tuesday, July 1, 2008

What a Day!!!

Dear Friends and Family,

I just had to quickly share that our God is AMAZING!!! I think I mentioned in the previous post that I had sent out a fleece regarding His confirmation to do Mary Kay. Well! Monday I was seeking out funding for me to start my business. All my avenues were bombing. I stopped and said, "Lord, did you really call me to Mary Kay or did I just jump into this? I got Michelle as my first Team Member with her $100, but it really wasn't a check or money that would translate to me. Did I not hear You right?" So I prayed and Bill's Dad came to mind. I called them to ask them to pray about investing in my business. Then I called Bill's Mom. I asked them. She said she couldn't do that, but! And she put me on hold and came back to the phone and said, " Cheryl, Poppy and I would like to send you a check for $100." WHAT! ARE YOU KIDDING?! = ) I thought I should have broken down crying, but instead this incredible peace came over me and I felt the Lord say, " My daughter, get on with it! This is my heart for you and my provision, just step into it and I will give you all you need." = ) So after that I said, "No doubting here! I'm going for it!" So I finally contacted the bank and our loan was approved and ordered my inventory...that I CAN'T WAIT to get!

Last night at Care Group at our church we discussed steps of faith. I was able to share the above with my church family! Today I awoke and the Lord just gave me SUCH JOY!! It just filled my stomach and I couldn't get the smile off my face! In intercession if the Lord is working on something there are many tears in prayer, when He has accomplished something in the Spirit you find yourself laughing! I feel like He has accomplished something and now I am walking it out.

Yesterday Jean Paul sent me some information about Saddleback Church where there is a possibility that one of his songs will be used on a slide show presentation of Rwanda. I then was sharing with my Director, Lisa Hall, and she said that her church in California was Saddleback church! She said the Lord moved her to Raleigh, NC 2 years ago where she knew no one and that was after years at Saddleback. I was reading through my Starter Kit yesterday and read about MK's Charitable Foundation to women and children around the world. My mind started rolling and I thought, "What if Jean Paul and the kids could speak at next year's MK Seminar in Dallas? What if an MK Executive Rep could speak at the Gathering of Forgiveness in Rwanda in February? It just all started to come together today and I got excited again! I found out later that my friend, Kathryn, who has done much with MIZERO - hosted the kids when they came through SC, is in the process of adopting Kou Kou and his two sisters, and supports he and the 3 boys monthly. She is now my 2nd Team Member! Then I sensed the Lord speak to my heart today and I felt Him say to me that my Team would not just be anybody. So often in business's like this you just try to talk to anyone and you could care less who comes on board you just want numbers. I felt the Lord say He would lead me to the people He was calling to work with me and to be still and know that this group would be precious and to take care of it. I am LOVING my team already! And Jenny and Lisa! The Lord is knitting us together for His perfect will!

Jean Paul shared with me the other day that he had a ticket for Bill to go to the Gathering of Forgiveness in February. That he wanted Bill to do worship and for me to speak on the 2007 Tour. I was so touched by my dear friend! I am in awe of the way the Lord is working our lives together and for the way He is allowing me to serve Jean Paul and all these precious children. Please pray for Bill and I - Liliana will be 1 year and 3 months in February. We will need friends and family to watch our 5 precious children while we are across the world for 10 days! I really want for Caela to go with us and be able to see Bishop John and the Sonrise Kids as well. Pray for us, that the Lord leads us and we are open handed.

Tomorrow we start our Whichard Daycamp... www.whicharddc.blogspot.com . Whichard is my maiden name. My brother and his kids and my Mom's extended family are getting together to celebrate the 4th on the Farm! My Dad is the guy in the orange shirt!

Please continue to pray for The River. We had an EXCELLENT Congregational meeting on Sunday where our overseeing pastor, Scott McLucas, came and talked with us about our situation. The meeting ended with several of our church members passionately sharing how precious The River is to them and that we don't want the "critical mass" but to be the unique group that we are and continue to pray for the Lord to lead us to the next steps. I am sensing that the Lord may be calling us to serve as a strong prayer and financial support to missions in Africa, and to build up the young people in our community. Please continue to pray for our rector and the next steps for The River.

July is firming up! After Whichard Day Camp comes Isabella's Summer Sleepover (BIG EVENT!!!), then we have Brian's Birthday Bash at our home July 13, then hoping that Jean Paul will be able to come and visit and speak at The River June 20. Then Lisa, my MK Director is coming to give me my debut party! Look for your invites in the mail! = ) Then training all week. Lastly, Bill has a Boy Scouts Discipleship Camp he is leading worship for all week and I may be travelling to SC to support Kathryn for her debut! We might have a beach possibility in Myrtle for a three day weekend, as a family, please keep that in your prayers as well.

Much love to all of you! Your prayers are invaluable! = )

"...with the sweetest affection." (1 Peter 1:22).
Bill, Cheryl, Caela, Isabella, Daniel, Gracie, and Liliana

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Eric and Michelle said...

Wow! That is a mouth and mindful. So proud of you Cheryl! Congrats on a second team member already! You are going to be amazing at this.