Saturday, August 30, 2008

We're Still Here!

Hello All!

It's been awhile since I've posted. I'll only share a few tidbits right now, and hoping that you will be keeping us in your prayers!

1. Bill had his big practice tonight with the River Praise Band for next week's CHS Family Retreat. Please be in prayer this week as we prepare for that time. That it would be a TRULY God moving, Holy Spirit filled time for EVERYONE!!

2. The children started school at their beloved Dayspring Christian Academy. It was a very smooth transition from Summer and they are LOVING IT!!! Gracie started a 3 day preschool this past week and she is JUST LOVING IT!! The Lord has been incredibly gracious in His provision for their schooling and Bill and I are in awe! Praying that we can be a great blessing to both of their schools with the gifts we can bring in gratitude for His kindness to us through them!

3. Bill is still waiting to hear about the Blacksburg Job at Wolverine. Please keep that or any other position that would offer benefits to us in your prayers.

4. We started work on the first EVER Power Serve Serve-a -Thon for DCA! I am the Event Director and we are looking forward to how the Lord moves through this event. I would ask for your prayers for us that the Lord would raise up many parents and students to plug in and be a part of this wonderful opportunity to serve the NRV community and DCA!

5. Isabella moved up in her gymnastics this past week. From Koalas, to Squirrels! She skipped a ribbon! She's been in Gym. since February and LOVING IT!!! I then received a call from her Gym, VA Techniques, saying that she was recommended to start in the Pre Team Program for girls that could move into competition! She went Friday to check it out and was very warmly received by the other gals. She would start next week. SO EXCITED for her! The only hurdle is cost. I feel that if she has been given a gift from the Lord to do this that I would like to see her be able to be a part of it. So we are trusting the Lord for provision. This in the main reason we decided to have me start Mary Kay as a business. So we could afford to pay for school and for extra curricular activities that the children would enjoy.

6. My Mary Kay business. It is a slow building process. Some weeks I am pleasantly surprised by a nice cash flow, other weeks nothing. I just received an email tonight that Mary Kay was mentioned on Good Morning America yesterday. It was the only business mentioned as a legitimate business when desiring to work from home. There are many more out there, but the author interviewed only mentioned Mary that seems that she highly recommends it for women looking to work from home! I have 3 ladies looking at the business for themselves and my two team members are REALLY enjoying this avenue for their lives! Please continue to pray for me as I build this business. I've seen first hand the AMAZING benefits of these products on clients I've worked with over the last few weeks and WOW!!! I've become TRULY excited about blessing women with these phenomenal products!

7. Pray for my HOUSE!!! = ) PLEASE!!! I have a MESS over here and I am struggling to get it under control in the biggest way!!! I know, I know..."Well, Cheryl when do you have time?" = ) I just desperately want to get it in order and be able to maintain and keep it clean! This has ALWAYS been a HUGE struggle for me...even when I'm doing no more than being MOM!!! = ) Huge job in itself! = )

8. Liliana started crawling this past week! SO ADORABLE! You have no idea!!! = ) Her little pudgy knees! Just so cute! She is eating REAL FOOD! And a dear friend from church gave me a food mill to use for her food! I LOVE IT!!! I have the CUTEST KIDS!!! = ) I'm not bias AT ALL!! = )

9. Caela was to write a page on someone she knew that was strong and courageous. She picked, Bishop John! I thought that was pretty cool! I'll have to post her essay for all of you later! We are hoping to go to the Gathering of Forgiveness in February to remember the genocide that took place 15 years ago next April. If anyone is interested in being a part of this and traveling to Rwanda let me know. We are hoping to have Caela go with Bill and I!

We love you all! Missing you! Our nephew,. Ryan, is starting at Radford this week and we can't wait to see him! All the students are returning and I will be starting a Bible Study for our Young Ladies in the next few weeks! REALLY looking forward to that! I would love to hear from you!

We love you all DEARLY!
Cheryl and all us mccarthys

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