Saturday, June 13, 2009

As I listen to Bill sing, in his room, preparing for the service tomorrow, I think about Ellis Brust's (President of AMiA) comment on Facebook today...

Are you passionate for a position or passionate for a purpose?

I think of Bill. Father of 5, fulltime computer guru for Department of Social Services and worship leader for The River in Blacksburg. Every Saturday for over 17 years I've listened to him go through the lineup for the service at the late hours of the night. Position or Purpose? Does his position matter? It's the vehicle by which the purpose can be carried out. To lead worship, to bring people to the throne of God every Sunday morning. It's a sacrifice for our family to have him "busy" most all of Saturday. The Lord has given him the position of worship Leader for Church Plants...non full time status. He's a "tent maker"...and as he pours into each service each week, I am always blessed by the random comments of those who have experienced his leading in worship. It makes it all worth while to know that people are strengthened in their love relationship with Jesus, convicted by the Spirit as they sing the songs, touched by his voice. Wow. It's been almost two decades and he is still given the privilege to serve His King Jesus in this POSITION and for His PURPOSE. I look forward to hearing our brothers and sisters in Christ when we enter heaven come and say, "Thank you!" so many people in our lives that God uses us to touch in some way or another and one day we will get to hear the thank yous for how the little things we do in our purpose for Him will have impacted people INTO the kingdom!

May our children come to realize that their Daddy sacrificed so that many would come to a deeper walk with their King Jesus!

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