Thursday, June 11, 2009

What Say You, Lord?

Caela and Bishop John Rucyahana

I have just enjoyed an evening of reading through so many AWESOME blogs on large families, organizing your home, activities to do with all age ranges in children, missing homeschooling!, our church blog -, all so much more edifying and beneficial than TELEVISION!

I was just sharing with Bill how amazed and GRATEFUL I am to my Jesus for putting a hedge of protection around me that has literally hemmed me in from taking on ANYTHING other than my family. It is SO freeing and liberating to be solely bound to HOME! Finally after 10 years of always looking OVER the picket fence. I am enjoying my children SO MUCH this Summer and daily seeking the Lord to show me what do we do TODAY! = )

With that said, I do not want to move beyond His leading in anything outside the home unless Bill is leading us and that goes for Caela's desire to travel to Rwanda in March. We have an opportunity to have a booth at the local festival in August, Steppin' Out, where we can make toys to take with us when we go to visit Sonrise Orphanage. Caela's article on her work with Sonrise when she was 7 in POCKETS magazine just came out and will be available to the public in July. But I am feeling such hesitancy and apprehension because I don't feel a straight leading right now. I am enjoying being Mom and Homemaker the idea of raising funds for a trip to Rwanda in 9 months is ...I can't describe it really.

Then to have 8 of the Rwandan youth in the states that I worked with 2 years ago and feeling a yo yo affect of, "Lord, what?"

So, I welcome your prayers. I don't want to disappoint Caela if it's not time for her to go yet. I trust that Jesus will lead our family as He began it with Caela 4 years ago, I believe He will continue to move in Caela and thus move in our family together for any support of the Children of Rwanda.

It is SUCH a blessing to be a Mom and Bill and I were looking at photos of the children tonight from 3 years ago and we both just sighed at how, as my favorite Blogger (too many kids in the bathtub) shared "Time cannot be goes on no matter what!" May we hold onto the back of the train...holding on to precious moments...grabbing hold of precious moments along the way!

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