Sunday, June 7, 2009

My Little Gracie...

It's Sunday Morning...just returned from my walk. Wondering how I'm going to fit it all in today...AGAIN! = ) Just read one of my favorite blogs... Too Many Kids in the Bathtub...GREAT BLOG! And she shared just what I wanted to share. How do we get it all done and how do we stop time from slipping through our fingers. We want to pour into our kids everyday, but we also want order and clean things, and good food prepared. We must trust that Jesus is doing so much more in the lives of our little ones that we just don't see, right?

Above is a photo of our little Gracie. She is 4. She is beautiful. She is my reminder to be diligent with what has been given to us by our God and King. When I did the Mizero Tour two years ago, Gracie was 2. She was "put off" daily. She sat in front of videos or played by herself for hours while Mommy "helped to take care of the least of these" (the children of Rwanda). When, in doing so, I, in essence, made an orphan out of my own precious girl! I have asked for forgiveness and moved on, but she is my reminder a dear friend put it..."YOUR children are not orphans, Cheryl." EYE OPENER!!! = )

As I ponder Caela's trip to Rwanda next March, when she turns 12, and trust the Lord to lead us AS A FAMILY in outside service to Rwanda and IT'S precious children.. I have my little Gracie to always remind me that what the Lord entrusted to me, as a Mom, is to always place my own little ones before His throne and then lead them to look outside of their family to serve together those in our community, the children of Rwanda, the poor, the "least of these", that He calls us to love together.

Much love to all this GORGEOUS DRY! Sunday morning!


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Too Many Kids In The Bathtub said...

what an amazing post. better yet, what an eye opener to see that we can try to serve elsewhere while losing sight of the mission field in our own homes!!!! OUR FIRST MISSION FIELD!!