Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Fragrant Offering....

It's late...very late! What am I doing?! = ) Today was the first day of summer...officially...for our brood. We went to The River Field Day and then spent the afternoon being, and doing. = ) Groceries, cleaning, playing, dinner, laundry, etc. I was feeling so overwhelmed with the thought that we would all be together for the whole summer without a break! I felt boxed in and pretty much just praying I would hang on for dear life! Then...tonight.. I was looking for blogs of families with LOTS of kids to get ideas on what to do with their time all summer ....that it would be the best it can be and produce much fruit. I came across this blog called "Too many kids in the bathtub"! Isn't that the cutest!

The Lord must have led me straight to her blog! The dear lady wrote about a dear friend passing away and how it makes you rethink and refocus your life to what is MOST important. I shared the following in a comment on her site...

"As the petals of a flower are crushed they send off a fragrance...'among the fruit of suffering there is a fragrant offering' (a song my husband wrote). I have been given a sniff tonight! I have 5 children... and the summer just began today for our family of 7. I found myself freaking out at the idea of all of them for the whole summer without a break...getting caught up in all the things your shared...dishes, maintaining, laundry, and the pull of each of my precious loves wanting mommy to meet a need or look at this or that, or "Can we do this or go there?" YIKES! But I needed Jesus to just say, "Hush my little girl and know that I am God." Thank you for sharing, I LOVE your site! I love the photo of your little ones! Peace of the Lord be with you and I'll be visiting often! For ideas on bringing this fruit tree of a family to full bloom and being ripe for our Lord Jesus in the world! "

I go to bed now, GRATEFUL to my King Jesus for speaking so clearly and sweetly to my spirit that He loves me and He loves all these children that He has created. ..that He will lead and He will guide to pour into them all that He has for them through me...MOM!

Good night!

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