Monday, May 11, 2009

Train Up a Child in the Way, and When He is Old He Will Not Depart From It....

Dear Friends and Family,

Last week Caela represented the African Missionary, David Livingstone, in her Statuary Hall! She was BRILLIANT! When I receive the video I will send it on to all of you! Caela wanted to read Bishop John Rucyahana's book, Bishop of Rwanda, but it was a little heady for her at this age. = ) David Livingstone was a close second! = ) Dayspring Christian Academy
ROCKS!!!! = ) Caela is vascillating back and forth with the idea of me homeschooling her next year. She is struggling, in her class, with too many kids that act up and she loses out because of it. She wants, and I believe needs, more time in her creative giftings. We are following her lead, but I am hoping she will remain at DCA next year because it is one AWESOME SCHOOL!!!!!!!!! = )

We are beginning to pray about traveling to Rwanda next March for Caela's 12th Birthday. We hope to go as a part of a small team, perhaps, or with a specific purpose while we are there, not just to visit the Sonrise and Mizero kids! One thought we have is making toys at Steppin' Out, the Blacksburg Festival in August, and while a visitor to our booth makes a toy for themselves, we will make a toy to give to a Rwandan child at the same time. We raised over $1000 two years ago for Mizero and it would be a blessing to use this to raise funds for Caela to travel with her parents to Rwanda.

Well, today is Bill's 47th birthday...can you believe it?! = ) When you have 5 kids it's really hit or miss what the outcome will be! I'm remembering Bill's 30th...17 years ago...feelin' old! Sitting in the ampitheatre at VA TECH listening to Mozart's Requeim coming through the trees! Dwight walking up to Bill with Bill's Brand Spankin' New guitar over his shoulder ready to present to Bill! NOW THAT was a Birthday celebration!

But what a quiver full! This morning something happened that showed me that even though Bill and I, in all our weakness and frailty in raising these little gems, that God still breaks through and has His hand upon all of them. When each of them were little - little I would pray over them, "Lord Jesus, give (name) good soil to grow in and one day, may they receive you into their heart and make you Lord of their life." Every night I would pray this over the children. Well, last night Caela asked if I would do devotions with her every morning at 5:30. I said, "Sure!" (Now that the Lord has provided His provision for me I am ABLE to get up EARLY every morning!!!! AMAZING!!! I've waited a LIFE TIME to be able to do that!) One of her teachers, Christy Van Steenburg, at DCA, encouraged the children to make sure they took time every morning to read their bibles and pray. WELL! Caela took that to heart in the biggest way! = )

We got up this morning and had asked Isabella if she would like to join us. We all gathered in the kitchen at 5:40 with our cups of tea and candle lit, Bibles open and ready to seek His face. Caela led us in a study she decided on herself, "Can demons keep you from going to heaven?" Yes, I know, a little intense for an 11 year old...but WOW!!! What discussion and prayer we had! Caela shared at one point that whenever she does a devotion bad things happen. Isabella said, "Mommy, we need to pray that Satan gets behind Caela!" I said, "You go girl!!! " = ) So we prayed over Caela and did some good spiritual warfare on her life. We prayed over DCA, our River church and our new pastor and his family, our extended family, Rwanda, and our friends, especially those Huthwaites! = )

They then wanted to go walking. It was raining. Caela said, "No it isn't!" and sure enough the rain had stopped! We walked and after 20 minutes it began to drizzle and when we got home it started to RAIN! Caela was ECSTATIC! = ) We had a BLAST!

Please pray for our church. God is doing a marvelous work right now and Satan is on top of it. I am praying much these days for our church family and our hope as a church is that the Lord will bring strong believers to call The River home over the summer so that we can accomodate ALL THE STUDENTS that are FLOODING our walls! = ) We went from 60 to 111 in about 2 months! Praise the LORD!!!! = )

Pray also for a group of the Mizero kids that we have worked with the last few years that are here in the States. There are 8 and they are called Ingeli Group because they have GROWN UP! They are now adults and no longer children. They desire to stay in the states and work to promote for the children back in Rwanda. Pray for their time in the states. We hope we will get to see them while they are here. Maybe even enjoy their company for an extended time to attend the River and grow in their faith.

Pray for Bill's job. Still waiting to hear from Radford and APEX. Hoping one of these avenues is in God's plan for benefits for our family.

We love you all...and HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY to all you AMAZING MOMS out there! = )

"...with the sweetest affection." (1 Peter 1:22),
Bill, Cheryl, Caela, Isabella, Daniel, Gracie, and Liliana


Michelle said...

very cool Cheryl very cool!

Cheryl said...

I'm thinkin'! = )

It was SO FUN to see Noah running his heart out at the mile run today! I just love your sons! = )