Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Keeping it All in Prospective...

With Christmas approaching we want to try and keep our focus on the little "babe" in the manger...the "light of the world". But in America we live in a society that blares gift giving and shopping all around us. While Caela's been sick the last week we've watched A LOT of TV! She wanted to watch the Little House on the Prairie Christmas Special one day. A pioneer Christmas. They had very little. They all wanted to to get something special for their Pa or Ma, or spouse. They got extra jobs and sold prized items in the hopes of blessing someone they loved.

This year we've told our children it will be a Pioneer Christmas. The last few years have been tight for us financially. Last year we were overwhelmed by the love and kindness of neighbors and friends. This year I actually look forward to that Pioneer Christmas. That "One" special gift under the tree to make the Gift of Life, Family, Home, the real presents this year.

When Bill and I got married Rob Norris read our vows over us....in poverty and in wealth. Looking forward to that wealth part at some point! But in "poverty" comes the realization of what true "wealth and riches" is...a Savior who lead St. Paul to say..."I am content in any circumstance". I'm FAR from being there! So far! But the journey to true contentment, true submission, true obedience, true peace is reached on the journey through clinging to the Cross every day.

I remember the Lebers. They are now Worship Missionaries in Uganda doing great things for the people there. Phil had been a wealthy prominent lawyer. Then the journey to the "Call to Uganda" began. He lost his job, they lost their home, they found the joy of shopping at Thrift Shops to see how the Lord would provide for their every need. Then after 3 years of being sifted and pressed they were off to Uganda and the rest is history.

I have to remember that God's ways are not my ways. That when we give our lives to Him He knows our hearts in the midst of our thrashing and He knows that we DO want what He wants and sometimes that hurts...it is painful to be crushed. But in the crushing comes a Fragrance....and poured out wine.

I pray that this Christmas I might get to see a Joy and satisfaction on my children's faces that I have not seen in Christmas's past. A joy and knowledge that those intangibles are the most tangible things in our lives....and all we have comes from above.

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