Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas is Coming...

Thanksgiving 2009 on the Ocracoke Ferry

It's the end of another weekend. Yesterday was our first snow here in Christiansburg, VA. Caela has been ill for almost a week with fever and cough. It's hard when your child is sick to really be able to focus on much else.

Yesterday was AMAZING! It was truly a magical day for all 7 of us! We awoke early to SNOW! 3 inches of snow! The house is always cold, and with keeping costs down we only put heat on in the main rooms. As Daddy made pancakes and bacon Isabella, Liliana, and I snuggled under big blankets in the orange stuffed chair we have in the kitchen as we listened to Tony Bennet sing Christmas Carols.

All the kids, except Caela, went to explore the fresh snow. Liliana was LOVIN' IT!!! I'll be posting pics soon! There is nothing like a little 2 year old maneuvering her way through the snow all bundled up in snow gear! Isabella and I just wrapped ourselves in blankets and I had my coffee and sat on the front porch to watch.

With Christmas coming, one reminisces about years gone by. The traditions, family, friends...the overview of the year gone by and the hopes for the new year ahead. I remember last year with Bill's family. Bill's mom, Grammy, and her lovely tree and her new nativity set! Bill's dad and step-mom, Pa and Meme, and their warm and cozy home, dinner with Bill's brother, Tim's family. Then my family Christmas weekend with my parents, brother, Karl, and his family, my Aunt Sue. Susie's YUMMY fudge and the little antique nativity scene under my parent's tree that I used to play with when I was my children's ages.

It's been a hard year for us. I've struggled with Burnout and Post Partum Depression since February. Having to cut out all of my outside commitments has been hard. Caela started Middle School...a rude awakening for all of us! = ) Our church, The River, started it's new phase of growth with the addition of our new pastor, Jonathan Tagg. And little GROWING! But the Lord has been faithful, as He always is! With Christmas coming it makes me want to share with extended family and old friends current photos and updates. That time of year when the mailbags are busting with Christmas Cards sent to family and friends you don't see all year round.

Below are photos from our trip to Cape Hatteras with my family at Thanksgiving.
I've also added a few from the past year.

Liliana and Daniel enjoying the sea!
(Liliana just turned 2 November 27th.)

Isabella growing up TOO FAST! (photo from the Spring 2009)

Gracie and her little friend, Daniel, getting their own concert at church.
(photo from summer 2009)

Our hands, taken at the celebration of our 21st wedding anniversary in October 2009

Lastly, Caela, on the beach at Cape Hatteras, NC. November 2009.

We are looking forward to Christmas coming! We are hoping all of our family and friends will experience a true and wonderful season celebrating the Birth of the Savior, Jesus Christ. Rich or poor, young or old, the most precious GIFT given was born in a manger. Though we may be in a struggling time and many across the world, especially our heart country of Africa, may we look to give this little one...this King..."what can we give Him...give my heart."

We love you all dearly. peace of the Lord.
Bill, Cheryl, Caela, Isabella, Daniel, Gracie, and Liliana


Michelle said...

Beautiful pics Cheryl, I hope Caela is feeling better today. bLessings!

Cheryl said...

Hi Michelle,

She awoke with a fever and is still coughing. She looks SO ill! It is comforting to have so many praying for her, though. Thank you!

Still hoping we can get together some time! Maybe before the Summer hits! = )