Monday, November 16, 2009

What's Up with the McCarthys...

Let's start with school! Dayspring Christian Academy...ROCKS!!! Caela, Isabella, and Daniel started back in August and are doing amazing! It's been a new road to hoe for Caela entering Middle School, but we're adjusting. Here they are with some dear friends the first day of school.

Gracie and Liliana are still home with Mommy. Here is Gracie sharing her newly put together potato people at The Coffee Depot in Christiansburg.

Nighttime, Caela, Isabella, and Daniel help out with the little ones. Here Isabella has just gotten Liliana ready for bed after her bath. Sweet Girl!

Here Daniel and little sissy, Liliana, are enjoying a show on Qubo! Liliana LOVES hangin' with big brother, Daniel!

Last year the children received this lovely gingerbread house music box from their Pa and Meme. They took it out and have it on the dining room table at each meal. Here, Daniel is showing us how proud he is to have such a GREAT treat for the new season!

This Fall Caela took on volleyball at DCA. Here she is preparing for the game with some friends. She was a GREAT server! We hope that she will take it up next year, too!

Lastly, Isabella has been able to start back to Gymnastics after 6 months. She is doing AMAZING and loving EVERY minute of her gift of 3 more months. Her coaches say she's caught back up and is doing very well.

Bill is still working for Department of Social Services as an IT tech as well as leading worship at The River... . The River is growing in leaps and bounds and the Lord is blessing his ministry there.

I am still recovering from Burnout. I stopped the diet I shared in my post in July. I will share some of the process I've gone through the last 4 months. Burnout can sometimes take years to recover from, I have researched. But the Lord is faithful and in the last weeks I've seen significant relief from the affects. Thank you to all of you who have been kind to pray for me at any time in the past 8 months.

We are looking forward to our Family Beach Trip next week. We go every two years. With Liliana's birth last year we missed out. So this will be a special time with my mother's family.

May this Thanksgiving be especially Blessed!

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