Thursday, July 23, 2009

After 10 Days ...See Who Looks Healthier....Daniel 1:13

It has been almost a week since I started my vegan gluten free diet. In response to Susan's request I am sharing what I have gleaned from the research I have done and share that it is TRUE what the Lord revealed to Daniel...

"Don't give us anything but vegetables to eat and water to drink. ...So the guard agreed to test them for ten days. After ten days they looked very healthy. They looked better than all the young men who ate the king's food." Daniel 1:12, 14-15.

The main resources I discovered are:

The Master's Diet by Jordan Rubin
Hallelujah Akers
Live Without Magazine
Fat Free Vegan Kitchen website

The diet I am eating is based on all these resources, but it is not a set diet.

All I am doing is:
- replacing my milk with Soy milk,
- cutting all other dairy out
- no meat, fish
- no gluten products; no bread or wheat of any kind
- beans, tofu, protein powders for protein
- Lots of water
- no sugar
- black coffee

It sounds extremely constricting...BUT the advantages far out way the constriction!

I decided to go on this diet because I have spent hours in bed with extreme fatigue. After my 5th child, Liliana, was weaned in February I began intense mood swings, irritability, very low energy, fatigue...not good with 5 children to care for! This has happened with all my children when they were weaned.

I began to work with my doctor in using medications. They were flipping me out! I am on one now that is a very low dose and is balancing me, but it wasn't enough.

So I cried out to Jesus and enlisted a group of dear friends to do some ER PRAYER for me and after that the Lord began to place people and these resources in my path. WOW! So, out of desperation I began this diet. I also walk 30 minutes a day. The exercise is paramount.

I have noticed much increased energy, clear mind and stable emotions, a feeling of tingle and life in my body as I know the food I am putting into my body is feeding it the way it should be fed and not taxing it. Bill also shared that my skin feels amazing! = ) I have lost 6 lbs and feel GREAT!!!

This is a precious gift to me! I highly encourage it for those of you who are struggling with health issues physical, mental or emotional. It's hard in this day in age not to listen to the commercials and eat "The King's Food", but Daniel took a stand and so have I! And I hope this is helpful to you, Susan! And to anyone else struggling as I have.


Kate @ Bliss and That said...

Thank you for visiting and the sweet comment... :) I too am enjoying your beautiful family!

This diet sounds amazing! I do know a thing or two about fatigue, with an almost-14-month-old who still gets up almost every two hours!

Kate :)

whichardddc said...

Hi Kate! So good to read your comment! i've been off my blog for about 4 months now. Thought I'd update. In process. = ) I am starting to put photos on the blog to share. i've enjoyed your blog as well! It's such a blessing to have cyber friends, isn't it?! = )

Peace of the Lord,