Thursday, June 25, 2009

Visions of a Splendid weekend...

Above is a photo of St. Andrew's Praise Band, lead by our buddy, Dwight, Saturday when we ended up Jumpin' for Jesus! Pretty powerful time in the Lord's presence.

Above is a photo of the final product of an activity the 6th Graders did. They were asked to make their FUTURE in playdo with three phases. Claire Huthwaite and Caela did theirs together. The first phase was a pottery pot. Caela shared that they would make pottery and sell it to raise money to go to Africa. The second phase was going to Africa to serve the orphans. The Third phase was to MOVE to Africa and build homes for the widows. Now I call that a FUTURE!!!

This is a photo of our boy, Daniel (7), contemplating the waves. = ) He was petrified of the waves because he got pulled under once. On the last day he shared with that Jesus had answered 3 of his prayers. He began to describe them to me. Then I told him he should pray about the waves and his fear. So he did. He tried to go in and that was good enough for him!

In the background you see Liliana (18 mos.) and Gracie (4) enjoying the beach together.

This is a photo of Liliana discovering the shovel! Gracie had started making crosses in the sand and Liliana wanted to make one, too!

This is a photo of Isabella (9) and Liliana waiting for the waves to come. They had SUCH a great time!

I hope you enjoy these photos. It was SUCH an excellent time in SC with our dear friends, Dwight and Bethany! What a treat to spend time on the beach!

Please pray that all we received at the conference we can take home fully to our family and for The River ( for His purposes!


Red said...

Hi, I came across your blog from "to many children in the bathtub" I just had to comment because I grew up in Blacksburg and went to Dayspring many years ago when my class was only 4 students. It has changed so much since then. :) What a great place to be able to send your children. I know many people who go there and babysat them when babies. My family is still there and I visit often, but I miss is so! Blessing to you and your family.

Cheryl said...

Hi! SO GLAD you shared!! All 4 of my older children attend DCA. They LOVE IT! I love reading your comments...don't you just love Too Many Kids in the Bathtub!

Keep in touch and I hope you become a follower.= )

Blessings to you and your family as well!