Tuesday, January 19, 2010

As of Old...

In the "Old" days women would come together on "Baking Day" and do all their baking for the week. Now, in many more remote countries, i.e. Africa, this still occurs, as well as many Amish communities. It is such a JOY to come together with other women in the village, community, or even in the extended family that would live together...grandmothers, aunts, etc.

Well, Bethany and I decided, on a whim, yesterday to bake a pumpkin pie for our husbands..."together"! She lives in SC and we live in VA, but we enjoyed BAKING TOGETHER! We each had all the ingredients on hand...Bethany makes her own crust, of course, but I had good ole Pillsbury in my freezer! = )

She is supposed to be sending me a photo of her pie so we could share them both with all of you.

The photo above is one of mine. I didn't realize I had the BIG can and I got TWO pies last night, unexpectedly!

Below is a photo of Liliana, Daniel and Gracie helping Mommy in the kitchen.


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