Monday, January 18, 2010

Be Anxious for Nothing...

I wanted to share what an IMMENSE blessing it has been to visit all the lovely ladies in blogland that share so openly and with such honesty, transparency, and purpose. This past week has been a wealth of vigor for me as I have received the "support" of my "partners in crime"...all of you...women hungering to be all that the Lord would call you to be as Godly wives, mothers, and homemakers. The BEAUTY that I have been given the privilege to view on your sites to bring joy, revival, and richness to my heart as I seek to live as a treasure to my Lord, my husband, and my 5 beautiful flowers in this garden of life.


I have been away for a few days because, true confessions, we have been struggling financially for some time now because of my husband's work and last week our phone and internet were disconnected. It was a blessing in disguise though, because AGAIN, the Lord used this "trial" to reveal that "His children will never lack of want", His children are always taken care of. That He counts us righteous because of our FAITH! He delights in us as we TRUST HIM to care for He does the birds and the flowers of the field!!! They do not toil...they REST in the knowledge that they are clothed better than Solomon himself! WHAT AN AWESOME GOD WE SERVE! "The LOVER of our SOULS!!!"

Saturday we got a call from a friend who had received some money and wanted to offer it to us to get our internet back up. As I received this news there wasn't a sense of elation, just a sense of "Of course. My God provides for all of our needs with His riches in Christ Jesus".

Even though I missed the constant availability of reading and learning and growing in all your ideas and sharings of your lives as women of God this past few days, it was a blessing to "Fast" from it as well.

This weekend was also supposed to be a long hoped for visit from our dearest friends, Dwight and Bethany, but they weren't able to come. This after not being able to go to Maryland to attend Bill's father's 70th Birthday celebration. But even in those great disappointments the Lord led this weekend to be so FRUITFUL for our family!

As I posted earlier I was going to do something dangerous and post before and after pics of my home as I cleaned and organized. I have been able to tackle, 6 rooms in our house this past week! Some I took before photos of others I did not. I will post the photos in a future post. But the Lord revealed something amazing to me this morning that I wanted to share:

Our "work" as wived and mothers in the home is like unto a canvas for an artist. Artists must get their canvas functioning before they can "create". The canvas needs to be stretched, mounted, cleaned, primed before it can be used. WE are that canvas for our husbands and our children!!! When we have that canvas ALWAYS ready and available to use our husbands and children can FLOURISH! They are able to unwind after a long day, feel peace, focus on what's important, CREATE and BLOSSOM in their roles and giftings because of our GIVING them a space and routine, and BEAUTY to make it possible for them without stress.

I was so struck by this as I was praying today and confessing my rebellion to the Lord. I was thanking Him for ALL of you and the part you have played in bringing me to the TRUTH of obedience in Him. He said we are not islands and we need the body of Christ to make it in the have been a great blessing and I am excited to NOW be able to give back. = )

peace of the Lord!

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Camille said...

Hi again Cheryl ~

You have been on my heart since you commented on my blog last week. I stopped by today and read your post. Interesting how the Lord works!

Would you please visit my blog post called "giveaway winners" and then look at the post you commented on ("only two more days...") and then you will see my dilemma. You "signed up" prior to the official "close" date for the giveaway ~ just on the "wrong" post. I think you are entitled to what I have offered the other ladies.

I did send you an email, but since you have been "offline" it would make sense that you wouldn't have done what I was asking you to do. No worries ~ I think the "rules" can be bent a little. :) Please click on the email link provided on the "giveaway winners" post ~ All the post names are listed under January in the sidebar of my blog.

Or you can just email me at ~

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