Saturday, January 9, 2010


Well...Christmas is over. I haven't posted anything in weeks! Our little family experienced the complete and beautiful GRACE of our Lord Jesus this Christmas. We were going to have a "Pioneer Christmas". One gift a piece. But Jesus had other plans. = ) A week before Christmas my father's sister contacted his other 4 siblings and each Uncle and Aunt took one of our children and was "SANTA" for them! Isn't that MARVELOUS!!! And each Uncle/Aunt got the children things they JUST LOVE!!! AND...not only that, my best friend, Bethany's children gave our children their year old DSs! My children are often ridiculed at school because they are not savvy on the latest technologies. So this was an amazing joy for them! Mommy has to establish "DS time" now but it has been fun to watch them enjoy this new thing.

For the last 4 weeks we have also experienced MUCH illness. All through the 2 week Christmas Break from Dayspring Christian Academy, three of the children were ill with fever and ear infections. Isabella had a fever for 10 days straight! I experienced my worst sick day ever, the Saturday before Christmas. I actually was going through to see if I died would Bill and the children be ready for that.

We are all now well! Thank you, Jesus! and blessed by the Lord's unfailing and precious provision for our family. With the new year has come the continuation of financial struggle. We have been working at Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover and it's a slow process. Especially if your husband is a contract worker and does not get paid for sick days or his mandatory holidays. It's been an interesting time, though, to struggle unto a tug of war...Trust in the Lord's provision or trust in my own ability to bring money into the home.

Next weekend is Bill's Father's 70th Birthday. We live in Christiansburg, VA, they live in Maryland. The children have just finished a long bout of illness and we have no money to go beyond food and gas. So we seek the Lord for His guidance. "Do we go or do we stay?" We have made the decision to not go. This is heartbreaking, because we want to be there with them to celebrate this milestone. But we must look at our immediate circumstances and the good stewardship we so desperately want to maintain.

Decisions, Decisions. Dave Ramsey says during the 18 months it usually takes to get out of Debt and get back on your feet, major sacrifices may need to be made. Tt's so hard to do. But after we made the final decision earlier today I was blessed with a peace that this is temporary. That as we continue to make the hard choices our children will be learning the lessons with us.

My dream is that we will be solid and grounded in our finances one day. That we will always see the Lord give in abundance as He did at Christmas and when we decided not to go to the Beach for Thanksgiving. But though we made the decision to not go, He had other plans...though we made the decision to have a "Pioneer Christmas" He had other plans. We have made this decision...but as of yet this seems to be His plan...and though we are so very disappointed, His plan in Perfect...always.

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. Acknowledge Him in all your ways and He will make your paths straight". HE will make your paths straight...WOW! What a promise!

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