Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Fresh New Start..

It's a new year. I love this time. All the hub bub of Christmas and then a week of taking it all in. Then...the quiet reflective month of January. Usually cold and snow and indoor time. It's a time to reflect on the past year and know the joy of a new start...or a surge of motivation to continue with those things we have spent the year building upon.

We have a Winter Conference for our Mission...The Anglican Mission in the Americas (AMiA). We have attended for the last 4 years...this will be year #5. It's always a time to see where we've been, where we are, and where we are going. It's a time to have intense prayer time, learn in the Lord, and meet up with dear friends all around the world.

This has been an especially hard year ending for me. Last January around this time, I had a trip to DC to have lunch with our dear friend, Bishop John Rucyahana, visiting from Rwanda, I had the MIZERO Children of Rwanda visiting our area for a week on their Forgiveness Tour, and finally the end of the month to be attending the annual Winter Conference. I remember thinking about my life and what a blessing it was to serve this country and seeking the Lord about "What should I do?"

When February hit, I weaned Liliana because I ended up with Pneumonia and had to wean her cold turkey because of the heavy duty antibiotics. When I wean my children I get hormonally unstable and enter into a deep depression. I had to stop all outside commitments...DCA Board member, working with Rwanda, Young women's Bible Study. I ended up in a state of Burnout and didn't even realize it. I gained so much weight and truly lost my identity.

I have spent the year trying to rediscover who I am in the Lord, as a Mother, as a child of God, and I stand on the edge of a new clean slated new year with great Hope, excitement at what the Lord has in store, and it may seem funny, but it's such a nice ROUND just harkens to a sense of fullness.

This year I discovered Tara's blog...Too Many Kids in the Bathtub...and it has kept me focused on what to be focused on for my family. I am far from being to that place of organization and focus for my family, but it has been such a lovely tool to get me centered back to what is MOST important in our lives...that as a role of a Mother and Wife.

Today I go to church with my brood for the first time in 5 weeks! Because of all the illness we have not been able to attend our church. I hope the Lord will meet me and speak to my heart and my children's hearts in a new and powerful way this morning.

Peace of the Lord!


Two Shades of Pink said...

Hello Sweet Cheryl! Your comments brought joy to my heart. As for the button dilemma...I so don't know. I know others have been able to grab it but I have suspected it has needed some tweaking and given others trouble. :) Let me investigate and I will get back to you!!!!

Cheryl said...

How fun! You are so welcome! I just LOVED your site! And I can't wait to have a few minutes to read your other posts, sit awhile on your beautiful site, and "get aquainted"! = )

Cheryl said...

Hi Jessica,

I finally got your button on my blog! YAY!