Monday, January 11, 2010

Let's Get Real!

Well. With the New Year and New Found motivation and encouragment from my New Found Blogger Friends, I thought I would do something DANGEROUS! At least, as a woman, I believe many of us would think this is dangerous...reveal the state of my house and take it room by room getting organized and truly livable. I love Tara's photos of her neat and orderly and BEAUTIFULLY cozy home! It inspires my heart to believe that this too can happen for me! I have not ever been a naturally organized and neat person. I would consider myself a Neat Want to Be! It blesses my heart and my spirit when my home is in order, but with now 5 little ones it's so hard to get it ordered and then maintain. I WANT THAT! = )

So, today I begin my process! YAY! Emilie Barnes is an AMAZING author! I have several of her books that I love to spend time reading, but have not yet put her advice to work in my own life. One book I am currently reading is called, "More Minutes in Your Day". WOW! What a wealth of ideas on how to go step by step to get your MESS in order and then to MAINTAIN and LIVE in your good efforts.

Our dearest friends in the world may be coming next weekend...Please, Jesus, make it so! When we were not able to go to Maryland to visit Bill's parents Bethany said they had a long weekend and might be able to come up from SC! Even if they don't make it, it is a GREAT time to start this process!

I'm very excited! I shared on Tara's blog about a few years back when I read Martha Peace's, "The Excellent Wife". It transformed my attitude and perception of my relationship with my precious husband, and our home. After a month of "tending to my home" he wrote me this precious card that I keep close to me to remind me of what I want back in my life after these hard years.

"Dearest Cheryl,

Thank you so much for making our home and our life such a delight to be in. After eighteen years, I've never loved you more. The Lord is blessing you and drawing you out in such precious new ways. I just love sharing life together. I love you so, Your Honors Most Bounden Forever,

Your Bill."

What a GIFT to receive! And soon after this I got pregnant with my 5th little flower, Liliana, and abandoned the focus. I even went so far as to pursue endeavors outside the home that were a GREAT BLESSING to be a part of in serving the Lord and His little children in Rwanda, but I could not balance the two and my home and my family got the dregs.

My desire for this new year...this 2010, is to truly STEP into this heart's longing to have my husband voluntarily desire to share his appreciation in such a sweet and lovely way again. He NEVER complains! And he can tolerate so much! Don't you just sometimes think on your husband and your heart wells with LOVE!

Look forward to photos of the Before and After...I warn's not pretty! = )

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