Tuesday, February 9, 2010

All Upon a Winter's Day...

Here is the view from our front door.Saturday I spent two hours shoveling our driveway...Oh how exhilerating it is to work hard! But the last few days I've also enjoyed the PAIN from a good hard snow shoveling workout!

This is the view from our back door. It's been 3 snow storms in 2 weeks! The children have missed a total of 7 days from school.

This is another view from our front door. Isn't it just LOVELY! Last Saturday I sat at my front door sliding glass windows wrapped up in my quilt rocking in my chair watching the silent snow fall as the little ones played next to me.

Caela, my oldest, decided to take our youngest, Liliana, out for a sledding expedition.
SHE LOVED IT!!! Caela said she dropped Liliana in the snow twice but she just laughed!

We were all enjoying how CUTE Liliana looked all bundled up in her PINK snow outfit!
I think she was quite fond of it, TOO!

"I'm ready to go out, again, Mommy!"

Saturday night Caela, Isabella, and Liliana helped me prepare for Daniel's 8th Birthday on Sunday. After Daniel and Gracie went to bed they decorated and LICKED to cake mix bowl! Sadly, I didn't get any good photos from Daniel's actual special day. = (

But it was a GOOD ONE!

We started the day by waking Daniel up in bed with balloons and singing Happy Birthday!
As it was Sunday we took a cake to church because
a Pizza - Luck was taking place after church.
How convenient!
Our pastor announced it was Daniel's Birthday and
he got to enjoy the whole church singing to him!
After church we went to Target and he got to pick out his favorite toy! Gormiti!
It was SUCH a sweet day! I love that boy! I hope he always snuggles up to me and tells me how much he loves his Mama even when he's 21!

And lastly, what would a snowy Winter's Day be without snuggling up with a good book!
Yes, this is little Liliana reading THE BIBLE! She calls it "Jesus". = )
She loves to look at the pictures of Jesus in it.

Since the conference life as been quite unusual.
Last week the children only attended one school day.
This week they've been off for two already...possibly tomorrow as well.
If I were still homeschooling this would be nothing, but having the three older children home all day changes your schedule quite a bit.

Plus...White Snowy Winter days just lull one to rest. Sadly, my laundry has piled up, and my cleaning schedule has gone out the window! And my last three rooms to organize are waiting patiently for me to invade them when the Snowy Winter Days turn to brown grass and dead trees again. = )

Thank you, Jesus, for these precious beautiful days of white!
I must confess, if it's going to be cold and dead outside...
I'd much rather have the magical view of a white snowy wonderland outside my window.


Kathi said...

I see why you've been away now :) Sooo much pretty snow!
You'll get back on track soon, I think winter is the time when we all get a bit behind.
Have a good day Cheryl

Dimpled Dempseys... said...

Love seeing pictures of your sweet family! We feel so out of touch with everyone, lately. Gretchen had an ear infection on Sunday, so we were stuck at home. So sorry we missed celebrating with Daniel. We'll be in WV this coming weekend visiting Chris' family, weather permitting.

Cheryl said...

Hey Kathi! GREAT to hear from you! Thank you for the encouragement!

Hey Ginger! SO MISSED you on Sunday! I took a look at your blog photos and got pulled away before I could place a comment. = ) We need to do a play date SOON! Is Gretchen better?

Love to all!