Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Way to a Man is Through His Stomach...

Those of you that know my husband know that he is one PICKY eater!
Bill prefers food that is "well made"...he loves ANYTHING that is "well made".
I am NOT a natural cook...a Chef want-to-be, but far from gourmet.

My husband is also a true AUTHENTIC. He only gives praise if it is truly warranted. = )

He does not "flatter"...so when he is TRULY blessed by a meal, an action, a clean house, etc. it is DOUBLY a blessing to hear his praise!

Tonight, I was going to make meatloaf. A whole family favorite.
Being home today the girls made themselves eggs so I didn't have any eggs for meatloaf.

Hmmm...what to make? Hamburger Pie!
I have everything and I can even double the recipe.
As Bill read to Liliana in the "orange chair" in our kitchen, I steadily, and pleasantly prepared the mashed potatoes, browned the meat,
sprinkled the cheese over the concoction...

When the dishes came out of the oven they looked AMAZINGLY YUMMY!!!

I, of course, had my YUMMY salad! = )

After we sat down to dinner, Bill did a rare thing...he PILED his plate with Hamburger Pie!
He said, "These mashed potatoes are PERFECT!!"

After his first bite he just gave me his "Happy Dance!" = )

Below is a video of he and Daniel dancing to dinner!

Now, ladies, isn't this what we LIVE FOR!! = )

What a fun evening. I'll post the recipe later...it was a HUGE HIT all the way around!


Dimpled Dempseys... said...

You kill me. SO funny! I'll have to get Bill to reenact that dance at church.

Cheryl said...

He was CRACKING ME UP!!! = ) You know the meal is good when he closes his eyes and starts movin' to his music! = )