Saturday, February 20, 2010

"And She Rises Early"...a re-post to encourage...


With the start of this Lenten Season 
I wanted to re-post a previous post of the Morning Routine the Lord has established for me. 
It has been a GREAT joy and blessing to me and may it inspire any of you Moms out there who hunger for more peaceful and productive days guided by your Lord every minute of each one.

Morning Routine:

5:20 ~ Bathroom Time: wash face and teeth, change, arm exercises,
25 crunches, clean counter and toilet

5:35 ~ Kitchen Time: Tea water on, unload diswasher, take meds, empty sink,
load of laundry

5:45 - Quiet Time ~
15 minutes of planning my day in my LOVELY sage green DAY PLANNER!!,
45 minutes of Bible Reading, Prayer, and Journaling

6:30 ~ check emails, weekends, treadmill for 30 minutes

6:45 ~ get kids up, shower, breakfast,

7:30 ~ Older kids leave for school, breakfast for Gracie and Liliana

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