Thursday, February 11, 2010

Lord, How Might You Provide?

As some of you know we have been delving into Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover and doing the "Rice and Beans, Beans and Rice" deal. Very excited about our resolve, but it's getting more an more difficult when the income does not cover even the "Beans and Rice" work we are doing. I've been praying much about our finances as of late and not sensing that I should be working except that unless the Lord provides through Bill with ANOTHER job to add to his two present jobs...I don't know. I guess I'm just getting SO TIRED of creditors and late fees and not even being about to send out Christmas Gifts to Grandparents and dear uncles because we just don't have any extra right now. I'm also fearful of working at home because of the intensity that I have worked in the past and I lose sight of my family.

How do people do it? I've thought about caring for extra children like my sister-in-law does and my friend, Ginger, does. I've thought about doing some craft work that would sell. I would love to help serve Rwanda with a part time status somehow doing what I did during the tour...but not with the INTENSITY and DEADLINES that we were constantly dealing with then.

I know that I just need to be patient and wait. Tax return is coming soon..YAY! and there will be a little bit of a breather with paying down some stuff. We are committed this year to saying "no" to anything extra that we don't NEED. To come together as a family and just bite the bullet and be "gazelle intense" like Dave Ramsey says. "To live like noone else so that we can live like noone else later".

I know that when Liliana enters school in 3 years, I can take on a full time job even outside of the home, but right now I know that I need to be home.

Lord Jesus, lead us, lead me, provide for our family and use this year to really strengthen us and mold us into truly trusting and usable vessels for You.

I'm sure everyone has these days of ..."How will He do THIS?" ...I trust Him though I thrash about so often. = )


Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

I just started reading your blog and saw this post. I wanted to encourage you because you're staying home with your kids. It's such a blessing and they grow up so quickly. My husband worked 2 jobs for years, just so I could be home with our kids, and although he doesn't do that anymore, we've had lots of "rice and beans" and drive old cars :-) The Lord has always provided.

Cheryl said...


Thank you SO MUCH for your encouragement! I have those days where I just WISH we had more access to funds...though the Lord ALWAYS provides in His way and in His timing, right?

So blessed to have you visit. I'm looking forward to visiting you soon, too!

Peace of the Lord,