Friday, February 12, 2010

Please Check Out Isabella's NEW Earring Business BLOG!

Above left is my beautiful 10 year old daughter, Isabella.
She is with one of her BFF's, Emma Dums, on her 10th Birthday.
Today we finished preparing her business blog...
The 'Lil Shop 10.
She picked out all the colors, background, font sizes, pics, etc.
I just implemented them! Pretty Cool, huh? = )
Here you will find some photos of recent earrings she has created
and the instructions on how to purchase if you are so inclined.

Please scroll down to her photo on the right sidebar and click on the pic
to reach her new blog.

We are very excited about this new venture for Isabella
and hope you will enjoy her new blog and visit often!

Peace of the Lord,



Great idea! Good work Isabella!

Cheryl said...

YOU, my dear, Tara, gave me the idea for Isabella! We were going to go the Etsy route, but then I saw your business blog and thought, "How Fun! And Isabella can create her own space!" So THANKS!

BTW, how is miss Rossie doing with her little one? Would love to know.

Dimpled Dempseys... said...

Hey! I tried to sign into Isabella's blog and was told I had to be "invited." :o(

Chris told me she had my earrings at church this past Sunday, but he didn't have any cash on him to pay her! Tell her I still want them and will have $$$ with me the next time I see her.

Cheryl said...

Hey Ginger,

I will change that! I was tweeking my blog today and I guess I put some blocks on!

Isabella was SO BUMMED she didn't see you on Sunday! She had those earrings all wrapped so pretty and ready for their new recipient! = )

Have a GREAT weekend! Don't forget to post pics!

Much love,