Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Do You Ever Have One of Those Days...

Do you ever have one of those days? Or maybe 2 or 3 in a row...where everything seems to be overwhelming? 

You find yourself ill and in bed with all your kids home because you can't get anyone to take them into school, because you didn't wake in time to get them ready for their ride?

After two days you realize that the laundry is piling up in the bathroom and in your kid's room and you can't open the door because of it?

Your kitchen is piled with dishes because your children still are not able to clean as well as you'd like them to after making their own meals for two days. 

You end up sending your husband out with the kids to McDonald's after you've made the commitment not to eat out for a year except for special you spend $26 out of your budget to feed the troops because you are sick. 

Then you wake up on the third day and say, "I HAVE TO GET UP!" 
You find that you are irritable and just have to grab that chocolate dove bar Easter Bunny...just because...You don't care. You throw all caution to the wind and say, "I'm overwhelmed. I know that I should fall on my face before my Lord and lay everything at His feet, but I just don't care right now." You know what the right thing is to do, but you just don't care. You know it will pass but you just don't care. 

 You're tired of not having any money, and juggling the creditors every month...
Your tired of realizing that another day your children blow through the house while you are ill and still have not mastered the ability to pick up after themselves unless you tell them to, you haven't trained them well enough yet...
You're tired of another week without being able to keep your diet and exercise routine on target....
You're tired of not being able to get back into the routine of early morning time with the Lord...
You're tired of feeling bad when you feel lonely and isolated because you're a stay at home love being with your children, but you still feel isolated sometimes and it brings you down...

You know that Jesus is the one who will satisfy...when children, husband, and friends are not there, when you feel like a failure and not able to see the fruit of your labor, but for some reason you can't quite get to Him, to get there, to know that just a few moments in His presence will be the release and filling that your heart needs. 

You realize that, again, you have made an idol of your home, your blog, your friends, your ideas, etc. And that Jesus is not on the throne of your life...and you say, "No wonder I don't care. I am nothing without Him. Nothing." 

Do you ever have one of those days? Like I'm having today. = )


Amy said...

(Jumping up and down with hand raised high!) ME! Me! Me!

YES!! Girl I had one of those MONTHS!!

I get it.... I soooooo get it!!

Praying for healing, and strength and grace to flood you sweet, Cheryl! You Abba knows.. He gets it, and the cool thing is He is there when you are ready to reach out :) Love that about Him!

Hugs and much much grace to you!


Aimee said...


Love the layout of your blog, your posts and all the wonderful pictures. Your entry today resonated in every way. Sick, kids on the loose, financial strain, idolatry of so many kinds and just not even wanting to run to the One who can cleanse and restore. But now after reading this, I am duly convicted, will shut off the computer, pick up my Bible and read and pray, and I'll pray for you too - for peace and a restoration of health and spirit and for a better day tomorrow. Aimee Corcoran

Cheryl said...

You guys made my day! = ) I forget, I'm sure we all do, that we are not the only ones in that "place" sometimes and OH!!!!!!!! to connect with other moms on that level is so FREEING! = ) I really appreciate your taking a minute to share.

The amys! = )

Amy - you are just SO FUNNY! I love the jumping up and down! And with your smile! = )

And Aimee - HOW FUN to have you visit me on my blog! I love your family pic!

And ladies...THANK YOU for your prayers for me! And others who may be praying...last night Jesus came and visited me as I lay down to bed. His presence just welled in me and refreshed my soul! I knew SOMEONE was praying for me! = )

Much love, my fellow mommies!

Tiara said...

Oh yes sister, I do!!!! Isn't amazing how our lives do this! The enemy sure knows how to get us down.

But, Praise The Lord, we know how to silence the enemy!!

Bless you sister, I know all-to-well these days, for a while they were my best friends.

I am praying Gods' sweet, sweet mercy over you!

Cheryl said...

Thanks, Tiara! I love how you said, "your best friends" true.