Sunday, March 28, 2010

An Ebenezer... (a memorial stone)

This is a photo of my love...1984

In 1987...when I met him, he hadn't changed much. = ) 
And I used to LOVE to wear this jacket of his! 

On this rainy Sunday afternoon that beckons one to snuggle under large soft quilts and sip tea...I invite you to come and "remember" with me as I continue to walk this week's journey of "Remembrance". I have pulled out a small notebook I found yesterday that contains the prose Bill read at The Cellar that I spoke about in my Valentine's Post. 

That was a crucial day in my life in Christ...a pivitel point. Just as this week has been. A time to set an "Ebenezer" at my place of standing so as to receive the Grace of God in this "stone of help" that speaks of God's true reality in our lives as His. 

Let's travel back to a Saturday night...February 1987...close to midnight. 

Imagine a dark, low lit, smoky "cellar" this case it's an underground tavern called..."The Cellar" in Blacksburg, Va...a college town. 

Bill...a man I had not met destined husband-to-be...the guy in the picture above...takes off his jacket to reveal a ripped white long underwear type shirt with ripped jeans and boots. 

He sits upon a wooden leg up and his guitar cradled in his lap. 

He has just belted out U2's "Trip Through Your Wires" and now...he sets his guitar down on the floor...he puts his hands together...he then sits up tall and places his hands on his knees...we, the audience, listen...

"Everyday I come out and I stand on the edge of this mountain, 
to the point of nearly falling off. 
And I light My candle and I roll up My sleeves, 
in case a hand is also needed. 
And I stand erect with My ribs lifted 
and I fill My lungs with the breath I will use 
and I open My mouth, pulling back My lips, exposing My teeth, 
and depressing My tongue and in a loud voice thundering with the desperation of My words I call out to you.....

 'I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'

...yet quietly sighing with the gentleness of My beckoning, 
'See how I have loved even you.'

And while you even sit at the very foot of My mountain, 
yet your hearing has been blocked by the hardening of your heart and you do not hear Me. 
I would climb down and come to you to take you by the shoulders and shake your bones, but I have been there once already and have already said, 
"It is finished." 
And so I will wait for you. 
And I will come out again tomorrow. 
And I will call to you once again. 
And I will remain faithful to you, for faithful I AM. 
Maybe one day you will look up 
from the weeping and grieving of your soul 
when your heart has been broken, 
broken even to being opened. 
And you will hear My calling to you, 
and you will answer Me, 
and you will come to Me and you will stay with Me, 
and you will be who I AM."
~ Bill McCarthy

After he finished the silent pregnant pause that came hear the clinking of his guitar as he picks it up and puts the guitar strap over his shoulder and begins to sing..."Jesus is My Treasure" by Jeff Chapman. 

I am undone. I am crying...deep sobs...heaving. My best friend takes me ...leads me out into the dark of night. As I walk up the stairs from the cellar...from the pit. I see the clear night sky...I see the moon shining. I say to my friend...after being asked, "What's wrong with you?" ...I say..."I miss him....I miss God."


Amy said...

goosebumps... all over me...


Anonymous said...

ok Cheryl, i know i am almost 50 and i am trying to get used to these new trifocal glasses !! but since you yelled at me once for the colors i used on my blog that never went anywhere, i have to say it is incredibly challenging to read this post because of the colors! Obviously Amy had no problems. She's probably under 40. ;) Anway, I know the story ... heard that one a long time ago in a galaxy far far away ...

Love you guys,

Cheryl said...

Amy...pretty cool, huh? = )

and Dweyt...I'm feelin' sorry for you, buddy,...except that you're someone who sees a lot more colors than the average person ANYWAY! = )

Dimpled Dempseys... said...

That. is. beautiful.

Cheryl said...

Hey, is, isn't it? Jesus is our Hound of Heaven and we are always so surprised and sometimes, quite pleasantly, at how He pursues His little Lambies!

GREAT to be with you and Chris yesterday...REALLY loved haning out with you guys!

Joyeful said...

This is SO beautiful!! Such an amazing testimony of the HEART of our Father! The beginning of your love story within HIS love story! Wow. Incredible! This poem is so anointed!!

Em said...

that's wonderful!!