Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Oh My...It's Been a WEEK!

Hello, My Dear Bloggy Friends! 

I know, I know, it's been like a WEEK since I've posted! 
I ended up sick again after by Birthday week, and then prep for Easter and we're on Spring Break right now for the kiddos. I have several photos to post but I have to wait for Hubby to download them from HIS camera! = ) 

Today...we are just LAYING around in our JAMMIES and doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ALL DAY! Our best friends in the whole world are visiting and they are staying at a house a friend loaned them for the week...on a mountain in Blacksburg. WOW! 
We'll be seeing them again tomorrow at my parents for a day of horseback riding, bonfires and smores...I'll make sure to get some good photos then. 

I've fallen off my diet and exercise plan because of illness and busyness and hoping to get back on target next week when real life comes back. = ) 
Hope everyone is doing GREAT! and look forward to posting SOON! 
Grammy...be patient! Those pics of your grandbabies in their Easter Outfits is on the way! 
much love....

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Tiara said...

I pray you get your energy back up. I know how it is with families our size. We get exhausted but it also seems to have to go thru the whole family and back again.

May the Peace of Christ fill your Home today!