Saturday, April 10, 2010

My Birthday...

Well, I can FINALLY put some pics up from my BIRTHDAY!
We had a GREAT day! 
Started with the family waking me up in bed with "Happy Birthday Song" then candles from each child! And Bill took us in the Family Room and gave me a "Taste" of my long awaited Birthday Present that he MADE for me! A personally narrated video of 

"Mr. Rabbit and the Lovely Present"

He used to read this to me before we had children! 
Then Gracie and Liliana and I were invited to breakfast with my friend, Robin, and then we all went on a LONG drive in the country! Don't have a pic of that! BUMMER! = ) Very Special morning!

Next, the girls and I picked up the kids at noon and went to Kroger to get a picnic lunch...the kids LOVE the carts!

Next we went to the Caboose Park in Blacksburg and had a LOVELY lunch in the gazebo...Caela and I had some alone time which was SO SWEET for me! 
After lunch we went to Barnes and Noble and got to look at books, get some coffee, etc. 
Then Bill met us at Target where the kids were getting gifts with THEIR birthday money from Pa and Meme. 
Then we went to dinner at Fazouli's...the kids LOVE this place! Again, no photos of dinner!
Lastly, we returned home to find a HUGE box from my Best Friend in the Whole Wide World, Bethany! After Bill and I got the little ones down for bed Caela and Isabella joined us as I opened every little treat. = )
Here are some pics of that SWEET time! 
If you notice my cell phone on the table...Bethany was on speaker phone enjoying the moment with us! 
And it was such a TREAT to share this special time with my BIG girls! 
After the girls went to bed, Bill read to me out of Samuel about "Ebenezers" ...such a remembrance Birthday! 
Then he made us tea and we retired to the Family Room and watched Julie and Julia...on request from Bethany! SUCH a FUN movie! 
What a GLORIOUS DAY! It was like a WATERFALL! Every moment just fed my soul! I got to spend the day with very special friends and the kids got out at noon and we were able to spend most of the day TOGETHER! There was not ONE SECOND of this March 25th, 2010 Birthday that was left empty! What a GREAT gift from my Lord Jesus!
And on Friday, MY Mommy took the little girls and I out for lunch at The Olive Garden! What a treat! The last time I went there was for my 40th Birthday with the whole family! Thanks, Mom! Dad called me on my cell while we were eating and sang me his LOVELY version of "Happy Birthday!" It was pretty good this year...I wish I had taped it! = ) 
Hope you enjoyed remembering my birthday with me!


Michelle said...

sounds wonderful Cheryl! Happy Belated birthday

-:- Tamara -:- said...

Happy, Happy Birthday! It sounds like it was filled with many blessings. And you truly have a lovely family and special friend.

Have a wonderful weekend,

Cheryl said...

Thanks, Michelle!

Tamara ~ WONDERFUL to hear from you, my friend! Thank you for your sweet...sweet comments!

Much love ~ ladies!

Debbie said...

Happy Birthday. I am glad to see that you had such a nice birthday, you deserve it!!!

Cheryl said...

Hi Debbie!

Thank you! How fun to get all these wonderful Birthday wishes! My birthday just goes on and on! = )

Much love ~

Prudence said...

Happy Birthday!!! It sounds like you had a wonderful day, just being with your family, I love getting a coffee at the book store and looking at books, when I get time away I always do that!.
On my birthday my oldest son got me a borders gift card, and I went and got that crock pot cookbook!!! It is huge and has a lot of repeat recipes, but I have made a few things.
Glad you had a wonderful day!

Tiara said...

HAppY BirThdaY! I know I am late but wow;) Looks like you had a great time. That's just awesome!

May ALL good & perfect gifts from God above be your portion!!!!