Monday, April 12, 2010

My New Blog...DAY ONE... start off...isn't this what EVERY wife wants to see?! 

Seriously! = )
Yesterday, Bill went out to cut Lilacs from our tree. I, of course, thought these beauties were for ME! But, this particular bouquet he gathered for his OWN room! He quickly went back out and cut me a bouquet for my room! = ) I am blessed to be married to a man who LOVES BEAUTY as much as I do! 

As all of you know, I have been on a journey for about a year now. A transition to Health and Wholeness after getting VERY LOST last January in every area of my life. In November I started to get on track with my diet and exercise which helped my depression and burnout healing tremendously! 

My Birthday week was another BIGGIE in the spiritual arena. The Lord brought me to a realization that I am His Little Lambie Girl...yes, yes, I know...we all should know that about ourselves, right? But us sheep are REALLY STUPID and BLIND as all get out sometimes. He showed me that I need to ALWAYS keep my EYES fixed on Him to remain close to Him and to Hear His Voice. 

Now I have added a THIRD PHASE to the Journey...a NEW more REFINED BLOG. 

Today was DAY ONE of my Journey. I incorporate my weight loss desires, Time with the Lord, and daily routine...all areas I hunger to be "consistant" and productive in again. 

Here is a photo of me TODAY:
And here is a photo of where I am going: 
This was taken after I reached my target weight of 155 lbs after Daniel was born. I CAN'T WAIT to get into that April Cornell sweater again! = ) Aren't Caela, Isabella, and Daniel just WAY TOO CUTE!!!

If any of you are interested in walking with me through this as an encouragement to me or to join up and be encouraged in your own journey to health and wholeness come visit me as often as you'd like and see how I'm doing! = ) 

I am grateful to my answer to prayer, Amy Scroggs, at I Choose Freedom.
She has been an inspiration because she's been on her journey for 2 years already! So I know I can get there...AGAIN...but walking with someone who has all the OTHER STUFF mixed in with the food deal is QUITE a GIFT from the Lord! 

Thanks, my sweet friend! = ) 
Peace of the Lord to everyone this night! 


Amy said...

Ah, you are too too much!! I am so grateful to the Father for crossing our paths, Cheryl!!

High five girl on your first day!!

Yay!! Love love your pics too... you are so beautiful in BOTH, but I totally know what you mean ;)

hugs.. Amy

Cheryl said...

Hey Baby!

I just left you a comment on your choosing fr. blog...JUST NOW! On the same wavelength there, ey? = )

LOVE your latest post...LOVE IT!

Much love...

Kathi said...

I need to join you, I do...

Tiara said...

I can so relate. I went thru a depression a few years back. It was a black whole. I could of cared less about life. Gained weight also. My all time heaviest, and hormones were outta wack after 4th baby.

I will be joining you over there!!
Blessings my beautiful sister,

April Cornell said...

Hi Cheryl,

Your blog is so nice. I remember that sweater from a while back - what about celebrating your achievement by treating yourself to a new sweater for spring!
Check out our website for some inspiration. I think you would look beautiful in the Liberty Sweater
or the Kyoto Sweater in red perhaps?
Keep up the beautiful blogging!
All the Best,

Cheryl said...

Hey Kathi and Tiara! SO GLAD to have you wanting to join me! Tiara, it was about a year of the depression and burnout and now I'm just trying to stabolize. I'm sure you can relate! This new blog has been such a great accountability tool for me the last two days IT'S AMAZING!

April...WOW! LOVED hearing from YOU! If you notice the shirt my husband is wearing in the TODAY shot, it's a Colin that right? LOVE it! He is a worship leader and wears this shirt EVERY Easter Sunday since 1999! I just LOVE your stuff! LOVE IT! and YES what a GREAT idea to get a new "shirt/sweater" from April Cornell!

Thanks for stopping by ladies!
much love ~