Tuesday, April 13, 2010

This Is What You Want to See!

The last two days I have seen the Lord BLESS our socks off in the area of Provision! 

We've been super tight the last few days, just waiting out till Pay Day and yesterday I went to visit my sweet friend, Kristina, who shared with me her "Rice and Beans" recipes she just throws together. Well, last night and TONIGHT I took what I had in the house...no grocery...and WHOALA! Two spur of the moment meals that the family LOVED! 
I just had to share tonight's visual with you. Every Mom wants to see this!:

This was the tasty meal...Yum! Yum! I call it 
"Curry Rice with Black Beans" = )

Here is Liliana chowin' down...then she says, "More Mommy!" as she points to MY plate! When I tell her, "No" she decides to make a grab for Isabella's plate...

 and stuffs it in before anyone can take it from her! SO FUNNY!!!!!!!!! 
They all ate and ate until the pan was EMPTY! = ) 

Just had to share! = ) All you moms will TOTALLY get this! = )

If you've just joined me here...I'm on DAY TWO of my Journey to Health and Wholeness on my "Little Lambie Girl" blog...click on pic on the sidebar and join me on the journey!

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