Thursday, April 15, 2010

Remembering There is a Season for Everything Under Heaven...but It's Beautiful to have Memories of Seasons Past...

Well...Lynette over at Dancing Barefoot on Weathered Ground was sharing today about worry and stress and how these can rob you if you don't REJOICE in your day. 

Amy, over at  I Choose Freedom was sharing about a grumpy day and how journaling is a great outlet. 

As I read through these posts I started to realize that I spend A LOT of time in my head! I struggle with FOCUS A LOT! And I find myself FEELING stressed and worrisome a lot of the time. Not really realizing it. I know a lot of this is due to my stabilizing from Burnout.

In the past I've had a lot going on at one time...lots of COORDINATING happens in your head. I used to be on the phone with people A LOT! 
I realized today that the reason I don't call friends or even struggle to do little calling services for church, etc. is because I was ALWAYS on the phone for YEARS! 

And the pic above is one of the reasons why! Here are Isabella and Caela, about 4 years ago, sharing at Church of the Holy Spirit (AMiA) in Roanoke, VA about Sonrise Orphanage and raising support. 

And here is a pic of Quigg Lawrence, Rector of Church of the Holy Spirit, 
giving Caela the mic! 

I'll have to do a post one day on that whole journey with Caela 
and her heart for Rwanda, Africa. 
But all those years of working brought me to the Burnout I suffered all last year...and now, again, I'm trying to build myself back. My heart still hungers to serve Rwanda and Dayspring and The River (our AMiA church plant)...but at this season, the Lord has and continues to speak VERY PLAINLY to my heart..."Not Now"..."Rest". = ) 

So I get to enjoy this:

This is a pic of Gracie about 2 years ago while shopping at GOODY'S! Is she not adorable. 

But, for me, it's hard to focus on my little ones unless I have a plan and I DO get stuff out of my head...and journaling is a PROFOUND outlet!

 I realized that now that I've LOST my last two journals I have found that those journals really do stabilize us women who have A LOT of words to get out everyday! I told my hub, Bill, last night that SAHM LOVE to gab to their hubs when they get home from work because little children all day...I LOVE THEM! ...but you can't have deep, rich, conversation with a 2 and 5 year old. = ) 

I realized that I DON'T rejoice enough! Lynette talked about the birds singing out the window and yesterday Gracie and Liliana and I swung on the porch swing and I could hear the birds...but I hungered to GET OUT OF MY HEAD and just FOCUS on HEARING them! To practice the presence of the Lord and SOLITUDE 
even when your living your life day to day. 

As I have spent time today remembering our work with Rwanda I wanted to share about a friend's new Etsy Shop The Mamma Sheep with her handmade jewelry to raise money for her trip to Ethiopia this summer. She has adopted a little girl, Zoe, from Ethiopia. Until the Lord releases us to serve our blessed Rwanda again...helping Jody
will be a blessing as I remember THIS: 

This is Fall of 2007 when our 19 Rwandan orphans came over for the Mizero Hope Tour...Caela and Gracie are GETTIN' DOWN as they worshiped in the small apartment of Sally Snyder in DC.


Caela (7) hugging Bishop John Rucyahana at the 2006 at The AMiA Winter Conference where she raised $2500 for Sonrise.
Thank you for joinging me today in my time of AGAIN Remebrance! I encourage ALL of you to visit Jody's etsy shop and check out her GORGEOUS jewelry! 

Much love...Cheryl


Lynnette Kraft said...

AMEN!!! Living in the moment - rejoicing in our blessings... appreciating what and who God has given us... THAT'S what keeps our heart and minds in the right place and that's what I'm determined to do!!!!

So glad you are off the phone, living joyfully with your blessings. :) PRAISING GOD WITH YOU!!!


Tiara said...

What sweet pictures!

jody said...

THANK YOU for the shout out, my friend!! So AWESOME! And you know, I NEVER would have thought I'd be headed to ETH this summer and I am glad God is not just using this trip for ME, but also for YOU, to be a part of serving in His Kingdom!! Only God, right??!! Rejoice it up, sista'!!

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

This was a wonderful post.I used to be involved in ministry more myself, but when the twins were about 3 and my older boys were getting involved in their own ministries, I started to realize that my ministry was "getting my kids to theirs", if that makes sense. As a homeschooler of 6 kids, I realized there was only so much I could do.

I miss the days when I used to sing in the praise band and teach preschoolers, but it's been a blessing to see my own children grow and want to serve. You are so right, there is a season for everything :-)

Cheryl said...

Hey Ladies!

So wonderful to hear from you today!

Marcia ~ my hope has always been that I could use the gifts I've been given to help my children move into their know? From the womb I've prayed that the Lord would show me what their gifts are early so I could be encouraging them to grow in them early.

After Caela got started with Rwanda we started something called "Children for Children" that was going to be a ministry first to Rwanda and then to the world, but the premise was hearing the "burden" the Lord would give a child for "other children" and then "help" them to serve them. Like Caela's desire to help Rwandan orphans and having an art contest to help raise the $ needed.

I didn't go forward...YET! But it's a Season...again, it's a season.

Your lovely kiddos ...and mine...and all our children as mothers, are our first priority. If we can "get them to their ministries"...WOW! What a great impact the Lord allows us to be in the lives of our "fruit"....

Sorry so longwinded there! = )

Peace of the Lord, my friends!