Saturday, April 17, 2010

He is Jehovah Jirah...Our Provider

Please jump over to my "Little Lambie Girl" blog and see pics from this weekend...
My process is moving along so nicely!
On another note...I had to share this photo with a few friends (you know who you are!)

To show the kindness and faithfulness of our King Jesus...
This is a photo of our fridge on Wednesday night...after I cleaned it out. 

Bill got home and I was so excited to share with him my wonderful CLEAN fridge and he said, 
"Wow...that's sad. Looks like a college student lives here." = )

We made it to Pay Day...and Jesus provided up to the very last minute! 

I know several of you out there who are right where we are with being tight financially...but be of good cheer...He is Jehovah Jirah...Our Provider! 

Thanks, Kristina, for your recipes and time! 

Much love, Friends!


Anonymous said...

So happy you made it, but didn't we both know you would?

Brian and I are still discussing food/diet/exercise plans. I hope to blog about it once we really get going.

Have a good week Cheryl


Cheryl said...

Hey Kathi!

So excited about you and Brian firming up your goals! I have been praying for Bill that the Lord would be bringing him to the "I have to hunker down!" Attitude. Can't wait to hear what you all come up with TOGETHER!

Just posted my DAY SEVEN on "Little Lambie Girl!"

See you soon, my friend!

Debbie said...

It is wonderful to see the Lord stretching the food you had and to see His wonderful Hand providing. There are many blog posts that I could also write about HIm providing when my faith was doubting and we did not know when we would have money again to go shopping. It is also motivating to see a clean refrigerator. We, too have began a new food journey-from scratch all due to watching Food Inc. It was a life changing documentary for me.