Sunday, April 18, 2010


Hey There, My Bloggy Friends ~

I just had to share my excitement that I REACHED DAY SEVEN of my new journey to health and wholeness! 

Please visit my "Little Lambie Girl"
blog and check it out! 
Well, my sweet sweet BFF is on her own journey and my Bloggy Friend Amy, is on her journey 
and I had to just share how encouraging and inspiring it is to walk with these beautiful and precious women of God!
Also, it has been SUCH a GREAT AND WONDERFUL gift to me to hear how my blogs are blessing and inspiring my friends here and in Blog land! Thank You, Lord, for your faithfulness and your kindness! It encourages me to know, ALWAYS, that we are NOT ALONE in our mothering and it strengthens us to go through it TOGETHER!
On another note...
I had to share something Daniel said tonight...SO FUNNY!
Bill was hugging me in the kitchen and Daniel and Isabella were in the orange chair. Gracie was sitting at the same table. 
Daniel said, " can stop all the love!". 
I just LOVE my BOY! = ) 
Have a GREAT new SPRING week! I am LOVING this WEATHER!

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