Sunday, March 14, 2010


Well...I don't know about you other Moms out there, but our kids have some rather pushy Grandparents! = ) Always hinting...or BEGGING for MORE PICS of their little Grandbabies...especially the Grandparents that live away from us. 

So, I've dedicated this post to my husband's Mom, Grammy, as we end out End of Quarter weekend at the McCarthy House. 

To start the weekend off we had a dance party, here is Liliana doing a jig on the living room table after Gracie dressed her in her Ariel bathing suit and frog sunglasses!

Gracie got a new Jasmine outfit from her friend, Chloe! She is lookin' FINE! And I think she knows it! YIKES!

Uncle Brian, a dear friend from church, spent an afternoon with us at the Library. Liliana ran right up to him with a book and jumped right into his lap!

Daniel got his treasured Gormiti Volcano at Toys R Us on Saturday when we took a trip with Uncle Brian to Roanoke. Daddy rarely gets to go hang with us on Saturdays because of his prep for Sunday's service, so we were SO GRATEFUL to Uncle Brian for spending the day with us! As you can see Daniel has indoctrinated his little sissy, Liliana, into his interests!

Isabella blessed Liliana with a NEW outfit from Toys R US! A Disney Princess shirt and jean shorts! Isabella used her OWN money to get her little sissy a present! 

When we got home from Roanoke the children all headed for outside! 
I TRIED to get a good photo of Liliana on her Big Wheel, but she wouldn't have any part of it! 

Caela and Isabella took to the street with their roller blades! 

Gracie decided the porch was a safer place to go on her scooter! 

I decided to try again to get Liliana's you can see I was in HOT PURSUIT! She is QUITE the little runner! 

Well....HUFF PUFF! I finally got her to stop with a tempting game of Hide and Seek. = ) As you can see she is very focused on keeping her sister Gracie from finding her. = )

Is she not the SWEETEST little thing! What a pic to end on, ey? Just look at those eyes! 

Well, Mom, I hope I have delighted you this Sunday evening! And the rest of you dear friends and family! 

Tomorrow begins another day...another week! And tomorrow is ESPECIALLY SWEET because it's GRACIE'S 5th BIRTHDAY! 

I think we'll do a pictoral journal of her day tomorrow and I'll post it tomorrow night. 

Peace of the Lord, and a Good Night!

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Cheryl said...

Well...Grammy can't comment on Blogger, so I thought I'd send you her thoughts!

"Oh Wow!!! What precious "babies" I have!!! They are all so beautiful and growing so fast that I thought Liliana was Gracie in a few of the pictures. My favorite one is the LAST one!!! She looks soooooo sweet! They are all precious and this Grandma is one happy lady. Please excuse me while go get the frames!!!" - Grammy

I think she's lovin' it! = )