Monday, March 15, 2010

Gracie Turns 5!

Well, today was my little girlie #3's 5th Birthday! And what a SWEET day it was!

It began with waking her up to sing Happy Birthday at 7:00. She had crawled into my bed in the night. 

After we dropped the older three off at DCA we went to her favorite place...
The Coffee Depot in Christiansburg for a treat and hot chocolate. 
They LOVE to play with the potato people there! 
Next we traveled to the Dollar Store to "buy something" and they decided playing on the store "gym" was more fun. 

Then we went to the Mall to ride on the "PINK CAR" ...and Liliana tried a few others. 

Next we ventured over to Claire's where Gracie hit the jackpot! And Liliana just discovered all kinds of things! 

After the Mall and Claire's ...with her new "Hip" hat, we headed home for an outside picnic. Her choice! It was 45 degrees! So we all bundled up and made it about 10 minutes! 

After thawing out it was time for Quiet Time. Gracie picked out a movie and Liliana and I took a nap. Then  we went to get the kids from DCA and hit the Mall again. 

After the Mall we headed over to Ryan's Restraunt...we don't go out to eat except for special occasions so this was a REAL treat! 

As you can see! 

I tried REALLY hard to get a good photo of the gang at Ryan's but either they hid under the table or "candid" was the best there was! 

We came home and watched a movie together and the kids just went down! 
Not going to be fun in the morning, I'm SURE! = ) 
But it was a WONDERFUL day! And I think Gracie LOVED every minute of it! 

Thank you, my Jesus, for my little precious Gracie! My BIG 5 year old Girlie! 

May she grow up to be PASSIONATE for You and may all her giftedness and creativity bless and encourage many. 

peace of the Lord...

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