Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I Haven't Laughed This Hard in a Long Time!

Tonight, Caela, Isabella, and I started our first Devotional Night together! 

YES! Can you BELIEVE IT! A DEVOTIONAL night and I can't stop laughing! 

We are studying...
This is a study for TEENS, but after going to Lifeway Bookstore last weekend and looking through several TWEEN books this was the keeper! It's an amazing study and got our minds and hearts seeking right away. 

I wish I could have taken more photos of our actual time together! 
We had SUCH a GREAT time! 
I have been aching lately with the changes I have seen in Caela, my 12 year old. 
She's growing up, lots of changes in the last few months, and I don't want to lose that sweet connecting time I still have until she gets truly independant.

Tonight, we just started reading the book and discussing How to Make Right Choices. 
We went through Joshua, Lot, Daniel, and Joseph and WE WERE LAUGHING OUT LOUD just hanging out and going through the questions! 

My girls are JUST SO FUNNY! 

Caela just started opening up and she said she loved seeing me laughing! She said we should do this ALL THE TIME! = ) 

Here's Isabella all wrapped up in her sleeping bag trying to stop laughing. = )

Here's Isabella pouring milk into ANOTHER cup of tea! 

The last two days have just been AMAZING! 

I believe I have some major prayer warriors out there gunnin' for me, because I have been able to get the house back into shape, manageable again in just TWO DAYS after being laid up for 4! And, worked out my diet plan and exercise program again, and been LOVIN' HANGIN' with Jesus...worshipping and praying like I haven't in a LONG TIME! 

Today, Gracie, Liliana, and I listened to Uncle Dwight's "Nothing is Impossible" OVER AND OVER AND OVER in the car to and from the library with Liliana yelling out ..."NOT - TING IS IMBOSSIBLE...NOT-ING IS IMBOSSIBLE!" kicking my seat to the beat the whole time! 

There is NOTHING in this world more feeding to our souls than the annointed songs of God's Songwriters who, like David, pour out their hearts before the Lord in Song to bring us to the Heart of God! 

Can you tell it's been a GREAT DAY! 

Until tomorrow...

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