Monday, March 22, 2010

Some Random Stuff...

Hey There! 

So...I've been HERE for the better part of 4 days...stomach flu, chocolate detox, and that time of the month...all rolled up into one! FUN! 
So today, as I was reading, "Good Night, Good Knight" to Gracie and Liliana, Liliana sees this picture ...

and points at it and says, "Mommy!" ....I say, "That's ME?" and she definitively nods her head! YIKES!!!! Talk about a wake up call! = )

So, I'm praying for complete healing so that my bed...

will look like THIS the majority of the time! = )

We were driving home today and Daniel and Isabella were FOR SOME REASON talking about the "F" word...yes, I know, YIKES, right? But, they are going to discover the ways of the world at some point, right? Well, the conversation went like this...

Isabella: "Do you know what the "F" word is?" 

Daniel: "FRANCE?" !!!! 

Mommy: (Trying DESPERATELY not to laugh OUT LOUD!!!)

Next GREAT quote out of Daniel's mouth today...

He's trying to get Liliana out of her car seat. Isabella has randomly taught Daniel and Gracie some REALLY FUNNY dance in the car on the way home...all upper body! ...Gracie is doing the dance...

Daniel says: "Please stop because I'm losing strength!"...He's laughing so hard from Gracie that he has "lost strength" to get Liliana out of her SEAT!

Mommy: again...(trying SO HARD not to just LAUGH OUT LOUD...but I did and Daniel proceeds to run into the house crying!) My SWEET SWEET BOY!

Lastly, we are listening to Rich Mullins "Jesus Record" CD in the car 
and the kids are lovin' it! 

The words: "The whole world rests on the shoulders of a homeless man"...sent me into tears! I'll have to get the youtube video of this song and post it! WOW! 
Just a blessing to worship!

Peace my friends and Fam! Hope this gave you a laugh today as much as me!

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Amy said...

Hi Cheryl!! Praying that today is THE day of completly feeling 100% better... didn't know you had the stomach flu too, on top of sugar withdrawls AND Aunt Flow coming for a visit... :( Yikes!!

Your Danielle is adorable! Love all those precious words of his!! CUTE!