Monday, March 8, 2010

Spring is Here!

Well, maybe the weatherman says 19 more days, but TODAY in Southwest, VA, Spring is HERE! 

It's just lovely outside and the children are enjoying the mud left from the melting snow. Mommy...not so much. = ) 
Today is Caela's 12th Birthday! 

She awoke with her family gathered around her bed singing Happy Birthday to you! ...VERY LOUDLY! 
She was too tired to go downstairs to open her gifts so we brought them to her BED! 
She had a Harry Potter Birthday...imagine! 

Gracie, Liliana, and I went to DCA today to have lunch outside with her. She loved it! 
Yesterday a dear friend treated us to lunch at Caela's favorite restraunt...

El Rodeo in Christiansburg, 

We have gone to this restraunt for Caela's Birthday for the last 4 years! She LOVES it when the servers come and sing Happy Birthday in Spanish and stick straws in her hair! 

It's pretty overwhelming to realize that my sweet little BABY Caela is 12! 
Only 6 more years with us. 
only 6 years to...
encourage her, 
to teach her, 
to build in her the Truth of God's goodness and love and promises, 
to love under our roof. 

Here is a photo of Caela at 24 months when I was pregnant with Isabella. At that time I didn't know if I had enough love to share with two little love pats. Of course, I did, but Caela was my first and those short years alone together were precious. 

After 10 years of barrenness the Lord saw fit to give me Caela. =)

Her name was chosen because of a verse the Lord gave me for her when I was 5 months pregnant with her. 2 Corinthians 14:17 -
" aroma of Christ in every place." And yes, she has grown into her name! 

We took Calla Lilly and took an "l" out and put an "e" in and made "Caela"...Lilly is Jesus in Hosea in the Bible. 

Thank you, Jesus, for the blessing that is Caela. May Bill and I do her justice in these next 6 years to be ready for the world you have called her to Your Name as " aroma of Christ in every place." 

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