Thursday, April 22, 2010

Gorgeous Day! was a BLAST! 

Liliana, Gracie and I went on the town! We ended up at the VA TECH Duck Pond where you will see Liliana...bread in hand...waiting to POUNCE on those DUCKS!
They both just LOVED feeding the birds. 

We're talkin' FOCUSED! 
We started Downtown at Bollo's for a cup of Joe since Mommy was SO LATE getting the kids in this morning! We let them stay up and watch American Idol Gives Back...we wanted them to experience it with us. So Mommy didn't get to make her coffee. 
We left the van in town and WALKED to Dayspring...SO FUN! GREAT EXERCISE! 
We did lunch mom for Daniel's Class then played at the park FOREVER! Then we hit the road again and walked ALL THE WAY to the Duck Pond and back! 


Then...when we got home I got a little treat from Liliana...Caela helped! While I was making ANOTHER GREAT RICE AND BEANS meal! 

Do you ever just look at your kids...your little olives...all around you and just SQUEAL because you are SO GRATEFUL that you HAVE THEM! and that YOU LOVE THEM...all their unique and precious ways! I'm just having some MAJOR Affection Attacks today! 

peace, my bloggy peeps! 

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