Friday, April 23, 2010

And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus....Philippians 4:19

"Jesus...Lamb of God...who takes away the sins of the world...
Have Mercy on Us"
What an AWESOME God we serve! 
He is Jehovah Jirah...OUR PROVIDER! 
Today, Bill came home to announce that he had been laid off. 

YEP! How many times in the last 22 years have I heard these words from my dear hub. 
I remember the first time. He sat in his chair DEVASTATED and PETRIFIED...shaking. "How will I provide for my WIFE?" Then it was just the two of us. 

Five years ago...within a 4 month span he lost his job TWICE! But I was SO EXCITED when he called me to tell me the Monday after we had spent the Sunday before praying fervently..."Lord, you have placed a burden on our hearts that there is a MOVE coming....Where? What?" 
And within a week we were headed to Roanoke, VA from Northern VA. To, ultimately, The serve. Bill has always been a "tent maker". We have always been placed at "church plants" ...never established churches. That's just how the Lord has used us. 

Well, today, on hearing the COMPLETELY unexpected news!!! We were both really settled that this was a secure position, I remembered my BAD dream about Bill a few nights ago. I realized the intensity of our refining our spending and all my wonderful "rice and beans" meals the last two weeks! 
I thought about Phil and Jennifer Leber. An established Lawyer called to be a missionary in a worship leader. The three years they were being called and refined to have NOTHING after having EVERYTHING. 

I'm excited about this weekend and Bill's time away with his "dearest brother", Dweyt. 
I'm excited about what the Lord is doing in our midst. 
I'm excited to be FULLY and COMPLETELY dependant on our Lord Jesus to see Him work in our lives and be a TESTIMONY of His PROFOUND FAITHFULNESS and LOVE!!! 
Please, pray for us. And pray, especially, that we would be given EARS TO HEAR!!! and to OBEY!!! 

Much love, dear friends! 
Another Adventure is laid before us....= )


Prudence said...

praise God! What an adventure God has you on. I love it! Trust in Him, He will provide.

Dimpled Dempseys... said...

Cheryl! I am so sorry to learn y'all are beginning yet ANOTHER season of this nature! WHAT in the WORLD does God have in store for the McCarthy's??? I honestly can't wait to see. It's gotta be good, whatever it is. Poor Bill. Please know we're lifting y'all up and waiting in anticipation with you.

Such a beautiful tapestry He is weaving of your marriage. It wouldn't be half as beautiful without those dark strands. much love....

Cottage Sunshine said...


I admire your complete faith & trust in our Father! He is faithful! Last year, I went 6 months without a paycheck/no work with no certainty of what tomorrow would bring. It was an awesome growing time for me...nothing like it! I learned no matter what tomorrow would bring, my sweet Father would be there! Keep your faith in a time of thing for certain is that no cares like your Father does about you and His little lambs!

God bless! Hugs, Carolyn

Cheryl said...

Hey My dear friends! we go again! But I can just see how He has been preparing us for this. I am so curious as to what is in store. It was COMPLETELY out of the blue! Except for my bad dream about Bill the other night.

Ginger...In just LOVE your last paragraph!! I want to just type that out and hang it in front of me at my desk! = ) I love you!

Please keep us in your prayers my dear friends! God is GOOD all the TIME!

Much love ~

Dimpled Dempseys... said...

I miss my bloggy friend!!! Gretchen and I were at the Taggs this morning and Robin said she had you over yesterday hoping to "lift your spirits" but YOU ended up being the one doing all the "lifting"! What a beacon of light you are! Love you, Cheryl. Do some blogging, will ya?!

Cheryl said...

Hey Beautiful!

HOW FUN! What a blessing the Lord can a rose petal that is crushed releases the most fragrant aroma such is the life of a child of Christ! = )

I actually was thinking just about 20 minutes ago that I need to post THANK YOU for encouraging me! Sometimes I wonder, is anybody out there reading this?! = )It's a gift to me to just write, but so much better if there are folks joining me, you know? = )

much love, my friend ~ Cheryl