Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What's Truly Important?

As I rocked my little Liliana tonight I realized THIS is what's MOST IMPORTANT!

Since my healing in March I have been EXPLODING in JOY over freedom to Fellowship again...not only with friends, but MY JESUS! It has been an AMAZING PASSIONATE gift to be able to intercede again! But with all this NEW WINE is taking over my "work" to maintain and care for and love what is MOST family. = )
I know Jesus knew this would happen.. right? He knows His little Lambies and He knows their tendancies to "drift" to the giftings He has placed in us. 

So, as I allow the RAGING RIVER to break through the DAM that was stayed for this past the hand of my Lord...I know that after the initial "flooding" it will flow sweetly, gently, and consistantly. = ) But right now...OOOO WEEEE it's CRAZY RUSHING WATERS, let me tell you! 
So I am struggling to FOCUS REST in the day to day...dishes, laundry, continuous cleaning out of STUFF, the discipline moments and quieting moments with my little Gracie. I see her struggle to keep up with the new Mommy. = ) 
Jesus, help your little Lambie to balance and to REMEMBER...what is MOST IMPORTANT.
After Bill's lay off on Friday we have been watching Jesus just lead and provide. He is SO WONDERFUL! A sweet friend came to me Monday and said the Lord told her I needed food for the week. So she gave us snacks and a gift card. Another sweet friend blessed us with lunch on Sunday. We have been at peace...

And Sunday the Lord confirmed a word He gave me praying for Bill Friday night...Jesus was asleep in the boat...and Bill was sitting peacefully at His feet as the storm raged outside. Our pastor, Jonathan, got the same word on Sunday for us as he prayed over me. 

Isn't that JUST THE COOLEST THING! Bill finalizes with his previous job and applies EVERYWHERE! We are laying our lives in His hands daily and trusting that He will sift and reveal the path He has for us at this season, knowing He is our Provider and the "Lover of our Souls". = )

peace of the dear friends.

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Dimpled Dempseys... said...

Hey, Cheryl! Of course, we'd LOVE to see the McCarthy's this weekend. I don't think I'll be able to make the women's gathering, though, because I'll have the girls in tow. All of my babysitters are preoccupied this weekend. I've heard there are a couple of good yard sales on Saturday and the vegetable co-op is having it's grand opening, so I imagine we'll be out and about. Just give me a call and maybe we can meet up!

So glad you're back in the blog, by the way!!! It's been lonely without you! I'm sure Bill being at home has shaken up the routine a bit. I know he'll be glad when he's out of your hair.